I spent most of my childhood playing outdoor, running with other kids, playing volleyball, jumping rope, and many other sports. While kids nowadays spend much of their time in the house, playing video games, watching tv, or surfing the internet. Parents and the children need to realize the health benefits of outdoor play and why they need it more. 

Enjoying more time outside playing is such an enormous outlet for stress and pressure. Kids who play outside more likely feel relaxed especially after a tough day or week at school. Physical activities outdoor can also be therapeutical for kids with mental problems. More ideally, let them do activities which require balance and sychronisation like soccer, bicycling, skating, or swimming. It helps a lot to reduce the level of stress hormones in the body. 

Aside from developing healthy eating habits, letting your kids spend more outdoor playtime is one ideal way to fight obesity. Swimming, jumping, running, dancing, are a form of exercise and strength training.  Engage your child in at least an hour of average intensity physical activity, even every other day or ideally everyday. Children replicate adults. Start adding exercising to your own everyday routine and motivate your child to join you.

Vitamin D
Sunshine Vitamin which is also known as Vitamin D has primary benefits like reducing risk of developing flu. Vitamin D also helps decrease the risk of developing osteoporosis. Allow your children play outside for 10 minutes a day without sun screen. 

Playing outdoor also motivates studying and problem-solving skills, which can help kids accomplish better in school and can also apply at home. Additionally, outdoor play executes higher level of children's creativeness, which kids can apply to their daily activities. 

Promotes Social Development
Socializing is important to child's overall development. Given for example is playing in the park. Meeting and playing with other children allows learning how to share and interact. Children who practice social skills are more likely get over day-to-day social difficulties and challenges easily. It allows them to develop new skills and promote healthy relationships.

Bring your kids out in the fresh air and sunshine. Frequent exposure to nature can contribute a lot in feeling better. Also, it improves mood and helps mind to recover faster from stressful occurrence.

For parents of young kids, accompany them as they enjoy the day. While kids certainly benefit from the outdoors, "adults" can enjoy summertime with a bit of inline skating.