The bedroom should be a haven of relaxation; an oasis of calm where you can retreat after a long day. Sadly, for many of us, that is far from the reality, primarily because we let our bedroom chores slide and our once beautiful bedrooms take on the appearance of bomb sites.
If you’re sick and tired of your messy bedroom, you can take matters back into your own hands. Even if you hate chores and have very little time, you should be able to implement many of the following tips for keeping the bedroom clean and tidy without too much hardship.

Organize Your Drawers
Messy drawers quite often lead to a messy bedroom because they make it more difficult for you to find the things you are looking for, which leads to you pulling out half your clothes, which are then often left lying around as you rush off to work. Therefore, taking an hour or two to section off and organize your drawers (you can use containers or homemade cardboard dividers for this) will not only make your bedroom tidier but will also save you time when getting dressed in the mornings.

Keep a Hamper in Your Bedroom
Many of us reserve laundry hampers for the bathroom, but having one in place in the bedroom can help to keep your floor clear of dirty clothing and make the process of gathering your clothes up for laundry day much simpler.

Cleaning Pillows and Comforters
Most of us wash our sheets and bedcovers quite often, but we take far less care of the pillows and comforters themselves. If we want to sleep in clean, relaxing rooms, however, this is a mistake. It is important to regularly clean comforters and pillows to remove bacteria and keep the room feeling fresh. When cleaning comforters and pillows, you should always check out, for example, down pillow care or foam comforter washing instructions, depending on what you have in your room, so that you do not end up ruining your bedding!

Utilize Mason Jars
If you have lots of small items, such as jewelry, trinkets, makeup, and buttons, in the bedroom, mason jars provide a cheap storage solution, and they can look surprisingly good. You can even paint or decorate them with glitter for a more attractive touch.

Five-Minute Fix
If you really hate cleaning, but you want your bedroom to look good, try to spend just 5 minutes a day cleaning or straightening up. If you concentrate on the most obvious problems, the time will add up, and your bedroom will look cleaner and more inviting than ever.

Clean Out Your Closet
If your closet is a big overflowing mess, it is likely you are holding on to a lot of stuff you no longer wear. When you have a free weekend, take some time to go through your closet and remove any items that you have not worn for a year or more. Either donate or throw them away depending on condition, and you will have more space in your closet to properly organize it and get rid of some of the overflow from the rest of your bedroom.

Put Off Season Items Elsewhere
If cleaning out your closet makes little difference to the tidiness of your bedroom, you might want to think about putting your off season clothes into storage. You can get great vacuum seal storage bags, which will allow you to store all your winter clothes, quilts, etc. in a very small space, and they keep them safe from dust and other environmental factors, and these are ideal for most spaces, but you could also consider storing your clothes in the attic or basement, if you think they will be safe there.

Put Up Hooks
Hooks are great for keeping the bedroom tidy. Hang them on your doors, in your closet, on the wall – anywhere you can, and you will never be tempted to throw your robe on the floor again.

Under the Bed
If all else fails, and you have a bed with plenty of space underneath, you could invest in a few plastic storage boxes, and get rid of most of your clutter by hiding it underneath. If you do this, try to purchase bed sheets that cover the gap below the bed so that no one knows you are hiding a dirty little secret down there!

As you can see, keeping the bedroom clean and tidy doesn’t have to be a full-time job, with a few simple tricks, you can take back your bedroom and begin enjoying the space once more