When you are looking for a good orthodontist for your children, you should always do your homework.
All orthodontists are not the same: The relationship your child will have with an orthodontist may last up to three years or more, so it pays to do your research and to find the best possible orthodontist available.

 Your children deserve the best of everything, so why not carry this attitude into your line of thinking when looking for an orthodontist. Ensuring your children will have straight teeth, a beautiful smile, and a properly aligned bite are critical to their overall health and self-esteem. There are many ways in which to go about finding a good orthodontist.

These are a few steps you can take to make sure you are finding a kids’ orthodontist that will be a good fit for you and your children. A healthy smile will last a lifetime, and the right orthodontist will do everything they can to make sure this happens.

  • Ask your friends or co-workers: You can ask your friends or co-workers if their children are seeing (or have been seeing) an orthodontist. If so, would they recommend the orthodontist for your child’s treatment? Are they happy with the outcome of the treatment? Were they completely happy with the orthodontist? They would also be able to tell you that a new orthodontic practice recently opened, and people are raving about it. So, you never know. It just pays to ask around.

  • Do your research on the Internet: Does the orthodontist have a website? If so, do they have current and informative blogs; is there a photo of the orthodontist or a biography stating the orthodontist’s credentials; is he or she a specialist in the field of orthodontics; do they have before and after photos of actual patients; and if needed, do they work with state-appointed plans such as the  All Kids Medicaid program for orthodontics.

  • Call the orthodontist’s office and ask questions: Is the staff friendly and patient with your questions? Do they seem genuinely interested in your child’s orthodontic treatment; do they have the latest technology available; what type procedures do they offer your child for his or her treatment such as traditional, lingual, or Invisalign braces ; do they offer emergency appointments? 

  • Set up a consultation for dental braces: During your visit to the orthodontist take a look around to see if the office is clean, well lit, and comfortable. Does the orthodontist seem fully engaged in conversation with you and your child; do you feel rushed, or do you feel comfortable during the consultation; are you happy with the orthodontist’s communication skills; is he or she also an adult orthodontist who can offer you treatment for braces as well, if necessary.
About Dr. Michael Stosich
Dr. Stosich is a specialist in the field of orthodontics. He has an iDentity Orthodontics office in Grayslake, and has recently celebrated the opening of his new orthodontics office in Wilmette/Kenilworth. He is a faculty member at the University of Chicago Medicine and Comer Children’s Hospital and is the only orthodontist in Chicago to complete a craniofacial research fellowship at the #1 Children’s Hospital in North America at the University of Pennsylvania. He is an internationally published author and lecturer on the subject of craniofacial reconstruction, regenerative medicine and orthodontics, and is the endowed Coben Scholar in Orthodontics. Dr. Michael Stosich personally sees each patient at every visit.