Get That Bouncy and Volume with #Creamsilk

I decided to be satisfied and stick to my natural wavy hair, stop getting rebond on parlors. And that is for good, to save my hair from additional damage since the past multiple rebonding had caused my hair so much damage. And to achieve a healthy hair, one also needs hair care products that is perfect for specific needs of hair.

Creamsilk has been in the market for soo many years already. I am a huuge fan of hair conditioners since it really helps tame my hair. I never feel confident whenever I try to skip conditioning my hair. So technically, it has been part of my shower routine.

So far, this is my current favorite variant because I need more volume and bouncy hair. Since I have a curly wavy hair, I like more bounce and volume. As we all know, curly hair needs more body to look good. I just have to enrich my hair with the right products and I know my hair will eventually say HI to beautiful hair.

I like the softness it gives to my hair. Just like other Creamsilk conditioner variants that I have tried before, this also makes my hair very soft and easy to manage. And as what it claims, it gives my hair the bouncy effect. It adds body to my hair which I really like. My hair is also dry and frizzy which this conditioner can do nothing about. Maybe I should also try different variant specially made for dry hair

I have been using it for 7 days already and I will update this post more about the bouncy and volume effect.

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