5 Useful Tips to Help your Baby Nap

When you first become a parent, you are so excited for your baby that for one moment you forget how much responsibility you have on your shoulders.

As baby begins to become older, you start to face new issues and problems every day.
Along the other issues you have with your baby, one of the most annoying ones is when he/she can't sleep or wakes up often during the night, which makes it a total nightmare, especially when you need to sleep and rest.

Just like you, the babies need to sleep. They need more sleep than adults because the sleep helps them rest and develop various parts of their mind and body.
But what can you do when your baby can't sleep, is crying all the time and distracting you?
Here are some of the things you can try to make your little baby sleep better and not cry anymore.

5 Useful Tips to help your baby nap
Down below, you can find 5 useful tips which will help your baby nap longer.
Note: Please be aware that every baby is different. Some tips may work on one baby but may not work on the other one. Try different tips until you find what your baby likes.

1. Use Blackout Curtains
It is becoming a trend now that every parent use cute and fashionable curtains for baby's room. I know that these curtains give a nice view and are very cute but they allow lots of light in.
If the baby sees the light, he/she will have sleeping issues. It is recommended to use blackout curtains. They don't allow the light in, make the room darker and simulate the night darkness, making your baby nap longer and without interruptions.

2. Always Place your Baby Down
One of the biggest mistakes parents do is that they carry their baby on their arms and get them to nap there. This is wrong because your baby will get used to sleeping in your arms and when you place it down on the bed, he/she will wake up frequently.

It is recommended to make her sleep on her bed, so she gets used to it and every time you put her on the bed, she will get that as a sleeping signal.

Also, another good habit you can learn to your baby is to fall back asleep on her own. You can learn her this by putting her always down to her bed when she is drowsy but awake. Check this guide to find the perfect pillow for her. So, she falls asleep by herself on the bed.

3. Buy a Pacifier
Another great tip to help your baby nap is to buy her/his a pacifier. Pacifiers are recommended by several doctors because they help your baby sleeping by activating a calming reflex.
Try to have several pacifiers around you because they can be damaged very easily and if your baby gets used to them, he will start crying if he doesn't have one.

4. White Noise Machine Method

Babies are so sensitive that even the little cracks and noises can distract them or wake them up.
That's why a lot of parents use the white noise machine method.
The white noise can come as a fan, sound machine or an app for your mobile. Leaving a fan or a sound playing while your baby is trying to sleep will help him to fall asleep even faster.
You can decide to buy a fan or a sound machine, but most of the parents buy a baby monitor with a lullaby and quiet sound feature. This way, they can monitor their baby from the other room and activate the feature without going to their room. You can check the recommended options list for the best wifi baby monitor on BabyMonitorLab.

5. Consistent Sleeping Routine
Another great tip you have to use is to develop a sleeping routine. Make sure to put your baby sleeping at the same time every time.
Doing so will help your baby get used to sleep at the same time every day and eventually, he/she will start falling asleep by herself at the same time.
These are some useful tips to help your baby nap. I know that there are a lot more tips and tricks but these are the ones I have found useful. If you are really worried about your baby when he is sleeping, then I recommend you to buy a baby monitor like this one, so you can monitor him/her all the time.
Also, try to implement the upper mentioned tips and tricks on your baby and see what does work for him and what doesn't. This way, you can finally make your little one sleep longer and better.

This is a Guest Post by Tina Smith

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