It's always fun to travel with your loved ones. Traveling together in the Philippines with your family is one best method to release stress of work and school. This is the best time to relax, connect and make good memories with your family.

Deciding upon a place to go when you have the chance to travel can often be overwhelming. But a place where there are fun activities and interesting sights for the whole family to enjoy should be among the primary considerations when planning your vacation. You can easily find good family-friendly hotels through online booking sites such as Traveloka Philippines, and they occasionally have promos, too, saving you money that you can spend on activities. 

Sabang can be enjoyed by the youngest to the oldest in the family. Aside from the trip inside the Puerto Princesa Underground River, the adult members will have no problem going on other exciting activities such as spelunking in the various caves and going on the mangrove paddleboat tour.

The more energetic and daring family members will have a great time hiking in the Jungle Trail, surfing, ziplining, and riding ATVs to explore Sabang’s forests.

The younger members of the family can have fun bathing in the cool waters of  Sabang waterfalls or swimming in the big pool at Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa. They can also just pass their time at the playground in Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort. The young and young-at-heart will surely enjoy leisure activities such as bird watching and wildlife viewing in the park.

If you're traveling with kids, here are some quick tips that may come in handy for your trip to Sabang:

    Pack smart - Although it sounds impossible to pack light when you are traveling with kids, bring only what's useful for your trip. Avoid bringing bulky items like strollers or toys. A stroller won’t have much use on the sand anyway. It is best to choose items that have multiple functions like a baby carrier that can double as a bag for carrying baby bottles and diapers. You may also fill up baby bottles with socks, mittens, bibs, and other baby clothes to maximize the luggage space.

    Stay at a family-friendly resort or hotel - The two luxury hotels in Sabang, the Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa and Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort are your best choices when it comes to comfort and amenities. But if you're on a budget, rent a family room or cottage that has its own toilet and bath for your convenience. It is not advisable to stay at accommodations for backpackers since most only offer rooms.

    Keep them busy - Swimming in the pool, playing along the beach, light trekking, picnicking, and wildlife viewing are some of the things that can keep the kids from getting bored. Take note that the beach is unsafe for small children because of the strong undercurrents so make sure that they are supervised at all times while on the beach.

    Don't bring infants or toddlers, if possible - This is mainly because they won't be allowed inside the cave and won’t be able to do most of the activities in Sabang for safety reasons. They're also too young to enjoy the trip. Otherwise, you can have a family member or nanny look after them while the rest of the family go on tour.

Indeed, there are many reasons to visit Palawan, and Sabang is one of them. It is an excellent destination for family vacations and has a lot of family-friendly activities. Whoever you are and whatever your age, one thing is for sure: there's always something for you to love about Sabang.