Working as Online influencer, you have numerous chance to earn. There are a lot of platforms which connect influencers to companies. One of which is Valued Voice. If you have been blogging for years, you probably know LinkWorth. Well, they just transitioned to Valued Voice in 2016, and they are one of the most legit sites that pays! 

Valued Voice connects an influencer to companies and advertisers. Influencer has the chance to set the amount to charge for every assignment. The assignment is to promote the company through sponsored post, or ads placing on website. When you receive sponsored post job, you have the complete control whether to tweak the article or post it as is. You also have the right to decline if you feel that its not relevant to your niche.

The minimum first payout is a minimum of $100. If you upgrade your account, you may be eligible to receive payments without receiving a $100.

I did not upgrade my account, so I have waited 5 months to reach $100. It's because I did not receive much opportunities from them. But after I made my first payout of $100, I receive more paid opportunities.

Here's my payout dashboard:

If you are a Social Media Influencer or a Blogger, you can sign up for an account for FREE just click on this LINK