Best Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

Are you pregnant and suffering from insomnia? Do you feel as if your pregnancy is turning a nightmare to you? Now when you have enough of the fight with regular complications like persistent nausea, vomiting, and hyperemesis, what is keeping you away from sleeping soundly? Are you scared of sleeping on your back while pregnant?Every woman tries to get her pregnancy done without any complications and her baby grows well though been surrounded by so many fears and doubts.She is worried about sleeping positions during pregnancy. Some ladies also have a question in their minds about how to sleep during pregnancy. Such discomforts are due to insomnia, shortness of breath, heartburn, back, and a visible increase in the size of the abdomen. If you are pregnant and you have some questions in your mind about the position of sleep, then this maternity narrative blog, you will get all your queries regarding best positions during pregnancy: 

Sleep on Your Left Side

You can sleep on any of the positions during the first trimester of your pregnancy. In the first trimester, when the size of your uterus is very small, at that time you can sleep in either left or right position and even on your stomach. It is safe. Sleeping like that in the second trimester is not safe for you and your baby as well. In the third trimester, the weight increases a lot and if you lie down straight, the whole weight will fall on the spinal cord of your backbone. It disables the blood supply to the baby and it will not get complete nutrition. This will block the flow of blood to your brain but you can sleep on your left or right side. You must try to sleep on your left side in your third trimester.

Keep shifting from side to side

You should not sleep on the same side crotch continuously for 7 to 8 hrs. You must shift to either right or left but mostly on your left side. You have to change the crotch again and again. Though sleeping left side is highly recommended if you get tired of sleeping on the left side you can sleep on your right side or even lie down on your back with a pillow under your right side of your back to raise your chest. This will help to get rid of shortness of breath.

Lying on Bed in a Half-Sitting Position

Lying flat on your back during pregnancy is strictly prohibited by our doctors. The reason is it puts pressure on our intestines and some major blood vessels. Your abdomen is much heavier than before and the abdomen rests on them putting much pressure on parts of the body that come under. It gives rise to severe heartburn during sleep. To combat this issue, there is a very useful technique Just put a soft, fluffy pillow or cousin, at the back of you while you are lying on the bed in a half-sitting position. It will bring much relief to your backache.

Pillow Between Legs and Knees

When you swine to the side, swine with a pillow between your legs or knees. Keep your knees bend. Doing so gives you comfort. For more effective results, you can out a large soft and fluffy pillow at the back also. This gives relaxation to the lower side of the uterus or the vaginal partand the pain is less intense. Moreover, by putting a pillow under your top leg will align your body in a better way.

The Pillow below you Belly

Are you feeling discomfort during sleep like uterus pain and irritation? Do you feel as if your uterus is stretched out? Whichever side you turn, make sure you put a pillow or cousin under that side. From 20 weeks onward, you can start this practice of keeping a thin pillow underneath your tummy. Hold it in such a way that your belly does not hang down and the block rests on it. It will help you to get relief from pain, irritation, and tension in the uterus.

In the end, it is important to understand that whatever the position might comfort you, you still cannot avoid being conscious during pregnancy. You must stay happy and must not be stressed which is best for you and your baby.

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