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Are you getting concerned about your parcels and items getting stolen from your front door after they are delivered? Don’t worry; you have options in this matter.
A lot of people today are fond of online shopping. You might be a bit concerned about items missing in your mailbox or front porch. After all, many packages are lost each year. 
Therefore, make sure you consider the following tips below to avoid your precious packages from getting whipped. We will provide you with the necessary steps you need to take if you want your package to be safe from thieves. 

Ask to have your items delivered in another location 
You can ask your delivery service provider to have your package delivered for free to close Walgreens instead of delivering it to your door. 
On the other hand, you could have your Amazon package delivered to a close Amazon Hub Locker. All you need to do is to pick a location rather than giving your shipping address. These are designated areas where you can have your Amazon items sent without added charge. 

Invest in a parcel box 
Did you know that a parcel box could be connected to a package container, which could be placed on your back or front porch? A parcel box provides a safe location for any package that could fit in. That’s better rather than leaving your item on the entrance for anyone to see. 
To get to know the best parcel boxes available, check out Neighborhoodsquare. Your item will surely be safe and sound inside a parcel locker, even if you travel or forgets about the package. 

Get help from your best neighbor 
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Do you have a generous neighbor who is home during the delivery day and is enthusiastic about accepting it for you? Then it would be perfect if you ask him or her to get the delivery for you until you arrive home. That’s beneficial, particularly if your package has something high-value. 

Subscribe for Amazon Key 
Are you familiar with Key by Amazon? It enables parcels to be placed in a car, trunk, in the garage, or your entrance. The delivery man could scan the code on your item. You will be then delivered a notification on your phone and check at them on the video so you can unlock your door. The delivery guy will drop the package inside your home. 
You might be a bit doubtful of inviting a total stranger inside your residence. However, the good thing about this is that you can easily watch the delivery guy into your residence through your phone. Hence, they are not likely to do anything wrong because they know the owner is watching them. 
You can always prefer to have your parcels put in your vehicle or your garage if your home is not the best alternative for you. 
Just keep in mind that costs for Amazon Key differ massively. The prices will vary on which security products you purchase. 

Install a doorbell camera in your home 
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One of the disadvantages of security cams is that they will not stop thieves from taking your parcels. However, they will surely help deter them. 
Security cameras cannot prevent a thief from stealing your precious packages, but they will record and store videos so the authorities could track the thief down. Hence, it would be better if you invest in a security camera with enough storage space.
Doorbell cams are excellent, but they are not that visible to everybody. On the other hand, a bigger security cam on your entrance could be a good deterrent. It can also offer video footage later when your parcel is lost. 
Some of the security cam brands you can choose are Amcrest, Vivint, SimpliSafe, and Logitech, among others.

Always track your package
Tracking your package is truly one of the easiest ways you can prevent package theft from happening. Be aware of the day on which your parcel is likely to arrive. The majority of sellers today deliver items with a service allowing you to monitor the shipping status of your item.
Further, remember that your shipment might be postponed, especially during the peak season of the year. You will like to take action and call the seller after you confirm the parcel was shipped and transported but didn’t receive it. 
There you have it! These are only some of the tips you need to bear in mind if you want to safeguard your items from package theft.