Working from Home on my 4th Month

It has been four consecutive months since I have started working from my home office. The time when my youngest was 8 months old. I cannot get a job (it's also my choice) outside home for the reason that a small tummy will beat about me. Nursing him full time from his birth until now which is a great way of bonding with him. Most of the time when I am working on my computer table, my eldest son will bring his sibling to me and my youngest will ask me to feed him by pointing on my chest.
I am glad at the age of seven, I can already somehow count on my eldest to watch for his younger brother. He is such a very responsible kuya, I am so proud of him. And of course, I am also thankful to have a very understanding and supportive husband who also helps me out whenever he is home. We have equally divided responsibilities. 

Truly you have to be a super mom to still have time for family,to clean the house, cook and work. It is quite frustrating when you failed to finish one task. Sometimes I wish there is an additional 3 more hours in a day to have all my responsibilities done.

Everyday, I have learned to live with a list of rules. Here it is:

  • I make a schedule from the time i wake up until I head to bed after midnight. I make sure to stick to schedule that I make.
  • I keep a few hours of the day flexible, because you never know what might come up.
  • I do my best to keep my computer table clean as possible. Every now and then, you will see clutters it could be receipt, toys, baby sandals or my stuffs.
  • I am trying to have a fixed hour on using my computer during weekends. Just to give time to my family. Most of the weekend, I work 6 hours.
  • I always ensure my sons are occupied. I lay a blanket down at my feet and I let my baby entertain himself by spreading out his bright toys. While my eldest already know what can make him entertain, he set up a small table beside me to also watch over for his younger brother while he is reading books.

I have learned how important time management is, but there are some unexpected instances that I cannot stick to it because some things come up unexpectedly. I am no super mom but I always do my best to be organized and provide my family all the best that I can.

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