#DIY: Simple and Cute Storage Jars #Upcycling

Those empty jars from your mayonnaise or spreads are some of those I don't consider as trash. I always love collecting them since it can be upcycled and turn it into a chic storage like what I just did. 

I have actually filmed a video on how I did this DIY project, unfortunately, it got deleted along with other important videos in my SD card. I hope the photos are helpful enough to see how I upcycled this cute DIY storage jar. 

All the materials you need are:
Glue gun
decorative flower (optional)
ribbon of any color

I wanted all the three jars to have lids of the same color so I painted them all pink. Then, I use a glue gun for the flowers to stick on the lid. 

I used a scotch tape to get a perfect line on where to put the glitters, then I applied glue to the space in between the tapes that creates a thick line around the jars. 
I opt for a different design to one of the jars so I just used a glue gun again for the ribbon to stick to the jar. Then, I added a decorative star on it. 

The jars look festive, more perfect on Holidays to do as a room decor. But for me, it can be any day of the year since I like the colors, really add a touch of joy into my office room.

It's very easy and simple DIY project. I wanted to fill the jars of small stuff that lays around my table so my work area is not always a mess. 

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