#DIY: Simple and Cute Storage Jars #Upcycling

Those empty jars from your mayonnaise or spreads are some of those I don't consider as trash. I always love collecting them since it can be upcycled and turn it into a chic storage like what I just did. 

I have actually filmed a video on how I did this DIY project, unfortunately, it got deleted along with other important videos in my SD card. I hope the photos are helpful enough to see how I upcycled this cute DIY storage jar. 

All the materials you need are:
Glue gun
decorative flower (optional)
ribbon of any color

I wanted all the three jars to have lids of the same color so I painted them all pink. Then, I use a glue gun for the flowers to stick on the lid. 

I used a scotch tape to get a perfect line on where to put the glitters, then I applied glue to the space in between the tapes that creates a thick line around the jars. 
I opt for a different design to one of the jars so I just used a glue gun again for the ribbon to stick to the jar. Then, I added a decorative star on it. 

The jars look festive, more perfect on Holidays to do as a room decor. But for me, it can be any day of the year since I like the colors, really add a touch of joy into my office room.

It's very easy and simple DIY project. I wanted to fill the jars of small stuff that lays around my table so my work area is not always a mess. 


  1. I've recently taken interest to glass jars, hehe, not only the mason jars that are used for drinking. I was at this kitchen a few months ago and I saw all the jars being put into good use. They all look so nice. Nice job on the diy, by the way. :)

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  3. Those were Mayo jars noh sis. Cute! If only I have more time in my hands, I would love to create more DIY.

  4. This can really give life to unused jars. You also have a large room for creativity for this one.

  5. Those DIY are so adorable! I have lots of these jars lying around my kitchen. I'm planning to print labels so I can use these jar as condiment storage.

  6. I love how you redesigned the jars! So crafty! :)

  7. This is a nice way of re-purposing old bottles that are just kept in our kitchen cabinets. Instead of buying the famous mason jars, this is a great alternative. :)

  8. I'm also recycling old jars - usually I use them for storing my pet's food, excess used cooking oil, etc. I agree with Louise, this is a great alternative for mason jars!

  9. Very creative! I love the idea of upcycling bottles!

  10. I agree with Peachy. This is very creative! Kudos to you also for upcycling these jars and finding some other use for them. It's good to lessen the trash and help our environment. :)