For the second week of February, I decided to use this inserts from nina.and.belle shop of IG. I use this for work, social media accounts and personal while my DIY notebook planner will be for my blog and finances. I realized that my spiral Planner can no longer hold all my daily planning so I decided to use another planner which also came with the inserts. 
I love the layout of the weekly inserts, it has a lot of room to write on. I have used almost the same layout before with my DIY spiral notebook planner update and it worked perfectly. It's just when I realized the space was not enough so I decided to use additional planner to separate work, social media accounts and personal from blogs, daily devotion and finances. 

As you can see it is just a simple generic planner but I really love the color red, my fave and lucky color of the year. 

It is so sweet of the shop’s owner to add this adorable glittered crown paper clip! I just can’t help but stare at it’s exquisiteness 

Here is a sneak peek for this week's layout. I am starting to fill it in with my week's plans and stuff. Will post how it went by the end of the week, in the mean time let's leave it like this.

I was also able to use my post-its I got from another shop which I will blog about next week!


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