They say if there is one dress that every girls dream of wearing, it’s a wedding dress. I couldn’t agree more on this statement, so do my girlfriends. You can tell the bliss by the priceless reactions of love, excitement and overflowing happiness during wedding proposals. And what else goes during engagement, the decision for the perfect wedding dress to wear. This is one of the most exciting yet hardest part most especially if there is a budget and standards you need to meet. 

There are so many wedding dress shops in the local area but their price is high enough to leave your jaw drop. So just like a hunter, you will stalk possible places to find one.

If you are after reasonably priced and wide selection wedding dresses, take your quest online. There are online shops that sells wedding gowns, but the best I can recommend is Cocomelody. Cocomelody is an online shop specializes in providing professional online and offline service to bridal designers and shoppers all over the world. I browse their website and found so many options of wedding dresses with different styles and cuts.

This year’s wedding dress trend is modern and stylish. Why not go for today’s more stylish yet sophisticated than the conventional wedding gowns. Just like these stunning low back wedding dresses.

I really love the idea of a backless gown since the design perfectly shows the personality of a modern bride.  

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