Planning helps us be more organized with the work we already have on a daily basis. Planning, easy and quick as it seems, yet won't deliver result unless you act on it. Then, it escalates into efficiency. An effective daily planning is an integrated organization skill and willingness to achieve great results. It requires a positive attitude and determination to succeed.

There are different ways we can apply effective planning depending on which method meets your needs. If you google it, you can find hundred methods. You can just pick one and test if it goes along with you. It is advisable to do the planning one or two days ahead to avoid hassle. To start off, a couple tips to keep in mind are:

  1. Create a To-Do list.
  2. Stick to your schedule.
  3. Set priorities.

Your tools:
Pick Your Pen and Paper:
You can get yourself a planner or just an ordinary notebooks and papers. Jot down reminders regarding things you need to accomplish within the day like doing grocery shopping, doctor's appointment, pay bills, etc. When writing things you need to do you need to provide adequate detail to remember stuff or else you end up like, "what's that again?" Your list supposed to help you not stress you.

If I need to remind my self to email a client, I write something like:
9am email Client's name re: schedule meeting on Monday.
If I need to do grocery within the day, I include a grocery list in my notes.

Go Digital:
If you are someone who often forget to bring grocery list with you, or jotting down is out of your league yet you are determine to get your shit together, then go digital. There are many apps available to download which can help you become organized, make a plan and follow it.

Plan wisely! If you have a lot of important activities need to accomplish within the day, lessen leisure time. Set priorities and use your time accordingly to avoid uncompleted tasks. After you're done with the important ones, you can get your way on your free time.