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4G #SmartBro Pocket WiFi, My Internet Buddy

5:58 AM

I work full-time in my home based job which demands 24/7 flexible internet access. On some occasions I am not home and need to check my emails or do some work related updates, I only use limited phone data. I find using phone data a nuisance, because I only get limited internet access for the day instead of the unlimited access I paid for. I don't know how that happens but that's how it goes.

The versatility and flexibility of a pocket WiFi is what I need so I asked friends on recommendations which one I should get. Most of my friends recommend to use SmartBro pocket WiFi. I was told it got great internet connection which they use even outdoor. I never think twice because this is going to be an investment I will be able to use on a daily basis even I am home since it can be used in my desktop as well.

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The prepaid kit is priced at Php 1,495 and comes with 3 months Plan499 at 350MB/month. I have the freedom to decide whether to continue with the plan after 3 months or cut the subscription.

SmartBro Pocket WiFi is 4G and able to connects up to 10 gadgets. It features a dashboard which I can access through my browser and control settings of internet and WiFi. Smart has wide coverage and everywhere I go, there is a good speed of internet. I ran a speed test on my desktop, here’s the result:

The router is black, sleek and handy. It looks sturdy, too. I can use the sim number to receive text messages and check thru the dashboard's inbox.

Its good that I can share my internet thru WiFi to other devices we have at home. My kids get to enjoy the internet connection with this pocket WiFi, too during their spare time as they watch educational videos on their devices.

Over all, I am happy with this purchase and I don't see myself switching to other network in the near future. It pretty much provide the internet speed I need for work and even for video streaming.

To learn more abour SmartBro pocket Wifi, you can visit the website:

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