Unless you live on a deserted island without internet service, it’s safe to assume you’ve seen the numerous street style starlets wearing colorful fur coats, gilets and scarves this season during Fashion Week around the world. From the streets of Paris to the catwalks of Milan, fur could be seen just about everywhere you looked. The City of Lights was decorated with bursts of color even though the temperatures were warm. On the streets of Milan, the versatility and functionality shined through with rich hues of natural shades and splashes of color.

To our delight, this trend doesn’t look like it will be slowing down any time soon since designers are filling their collection with flocculent accoutrements that cry, “Take a look at me!” From pastel furry gilets and coats to striped stoles, fur is being implementing into their collections-faux or real-on everything from sophisticated ladylike coats for extra oh-la-la of luxury to slinky and silky ready-to-wear pieces. These pieces are the equivalent of a bold statement necklace that are guaranteed to get you noticed. And although it has always been considered a hot button issue, more and more designers have been integrating it back into their collections.

The old cliché that fur is only worn for formal occasions is as outdated as the beehive hairdo. It’s worn with everything from ball gowns to blue jeans. And despite the luxurious appearance of fur, it’s a steadfast fiber. Due to its resilience, it’s possible to recycle and restyle fur time and again. Because its multi-dimensional nature, it's more than simply a raw material-it possesses depth and texture.

Fur is a marvelous way to embrace the winter season. Aside from the feel, it’s isothermal and allows your body to breathe, while keeping you warm and cozy. Nothing can truly compare to the feeling of fur next to your skin. It’s a soft and sensual texture that envelopes you while making you feel luxurious. And with the updated techniques of modern-day manufacturing, fur has become more lightweight and versatile. As a matter of fact, it can be worn year-round, rather than only during the cold winter months. As timeless as Coco Chanel, fur never goes out of style. Its seductive beauty has a strong grasp on the young designers of today.

Although there are those who prefer faux fur, both can be worn this season. The contemporary twist of bold colors adds the much-needed pizzazz into your wardrobe. Ombre gilets, sleek black stoles and eye-popping hoods in over-sized jackets can help you coax out your inner Yeti.

The feeling of luxury combined with the durability makes fun fur pieces a must for every fashionista's wardrobe. Regardless of personal taste, there are plenty of options to satisfy everyone.