For parents, kids safety is one of primary concerns. You work hard to make sure your kids are secure 24/7 yet in reality, you cannot always keep eyes on them. So the least thing to do is make sure they are safe even without parental supervision in the purpose of self-care and sufficiency. Teaching life skills is always a work in progress as your kids reach school age, we know. That is why we came up with a list of simple strategies on how to abate agitation which can be very helpful for your child's security and safety.

  • Make sure all your doors have double locks. It is to prevent your home from invaders. It is highly recommended to install a sturdy Fast Keys Cabinet Locks where you can keep your keys in one place to make it secure and also lessens the possibilities of lost and stolen keys. Set a code to limit the access so kids cannot play and lose your keys. Try your best to educate them the importance of keys cabinet and how it is used. Discuss to them which occasion requires their access on it e.g. when your child goes home from school and you are not home yet.
  • Additional safety tip is to install hidden cameras at some parts of your home and backyard which will make it easier for you to identify any activities within your premises.
  • Store sharp objects out of kid's reach.
  • Write down emergency numbers and useful safety contacts on a paper near your phone or have it saved in your mobile contacts.
  • Maintain open communication with your kids. Remind them not to talk to strangers.