#DIY Cash Budget Envelopes

For my cash items, I go for envelope system. Envelopes help save my skin from over spending and keep me on track with monthly bills. I have been using this system for a year now and it works just great and gives me peace of mind.

Just to make it more fun, I have made DIY cash envelopes using designed papers. I put the envelopes in my planners depending on the categories. Here is how my DIY cash envelopes look like, and a tutorial on how to make it.

I prefer using designer papers than ordinary envelopes just to make it look more fun and personalized.
 I punch holes at the side because I like to put it in my planners, that way everything is more organized.

click photo for larger view

click photo for larger view

click photo for larger view

I added a small paper where I can write down the due date and amount.

click photo for larger view

There are numerous ways on how to control our daily expenses but you need to have the discipline. We have to think long term in our current actions like utilizing the most efficient approach of money management. This is one challenging phase after paycheck because there goes the budgeting. If you will ask Mr.Google, he will give you hundreds ways on how to successfully make ends meet. Regardless the method, budgeting will succeed by choice.

As for me, my most favorite mechanism is envelope system. Additionally, we keep it simple by not skipping a single monthly bill over unimportant or unplanned matters because the whole budget will suffer the next pay day and everything is ruined before we know it.

Happy Budgeting!

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