How To Set Up A Perfect Sleeping Environment?

Did you sleep well yesterday night? Most of you won’t be able to answer this question affirmative. The reasons are too many. The number of people complaining of sleeplessness is increasing since the past few years. You can blame it on our hectic lifestyle, increased stress levels, or the constant pressure to excel in academics or professional commitments.

However, most of these causes of insomnia can be controlled by simply setting up a perfect sleeping environment. Want to know how? Below are some effective tips for setting up your bedroom in a right way to ensure proper sleep.

A snoring partner, partying neighbors, or a bored cat can keep you awake when it’s the time to sleep. Our body is tuned to respond to any noise. It is a signal of danger that you must react to promptly. This basic instinct of humans can awaken you each time the slightest sound falls on your ears thus preventing you from entering a deep phase of a sleep cycle.
You can avoid such interruptions by replacing these sounds by a consistent, soft noise playing in the background. This will help you train yourself to ignore the noises and allow you to sleep well.

Light is to awakening what darkness is to sleep. Having a bright or even dim light in your bedroom can flash its effect on the outer surface of your closed lids. This can stimulate the nerves in the eyes, which, in turn, send signals to the brain about the sense of light. The brain, thus, is made to believe that it is the daytime and instructs you to keep awake.
This logical way of working of the body can work negatively for your sleep cycle. Our body is designed to sleep when the surroundings are dark. So, if you want to sleep well, make sure the room is dark enough.
You should also avoid any habit that could trick your body with a wrong signal. Staying awake working in front of a bright computer screen or watching TV can leave the body feeling confused when we turn off these sources of light suddenly and expect it to fall asleep immediately. So, make sure, you avoid exposure to these light-emitting electronic devices at least an hour before your planned bedtime.

A very high or very low temperature in your bedroom can make you uncomfortable and prevent you from falling asleep. A steady, cooler temperature can keep you from sweating without causing shivering and put you into a deep slumber. You can connect a thermostat to your air conditioning and heating system to keep the temperatures steady.

In summer, extreme humidity can result in sweating and cause sleeplessness, while during winter, the low humidity levels can cause irritated throats, and dry skin. In short, irrespective of the season, humidity levels can work against your desire to sleep.
Fixing a humidifier in your bedroom can help you fix this cause of insomnia. It will maintain the humidity levels within comfortable limits and ensure you can enjoy an uninterrupted sleep.

While looking around your bedroom for the sleep-disruptive things, we often forget what lays beneath you. I am talking about your mattress! An old, worn out mattress or a wrong choice of mattress can cause severe pain in the back and neck. This will force you to spend the night tossing and turning in a quest to find one position that is comfortable.
Instead of wasting your precious nighttime tossing and turning, it would definitely be wiser to get yourself a new mattress made of a good quality material that can provide proper support to your spine. Another cheaper solution is to look for mattress topper which can revitalize your old mattress.

All the unwanted and rarely used stuff in your bedroom can cause distractions when you are trying to sleep. You must get all these stuff out of your room. For example, you can shift the treadmill to another room, get rid of the work desk, and find another place for your computer and television.
The next time, you are struggling to get some sleep, open your eyes and see around! You will find many things not working in favor of your efforts to fall asleep. Take out some time to write down the tips mentioned above to fix everything that's wrong in your bedroom so that your coming nights are not spoilt staring around.

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