Through our experience with beauty techniques, we have stumbled across numerous different products. The thing is, even if we call ourselves beauty addicts, an average Korean woman would laugh at our skin care kit.

That’s because the Eastern ways of attaining flawless complexion are quite the opposite from those of the rest of the world. They try to prevent an issue rather than treating it when it is already a condition.

Now let’s dive into 6 proven benefits that Korean eye creams can do for your skin.

1. Koreans have the ultimate eye-kits for advanced skin care

For a start, an ordinary K-beauty kit for daily treating of the eyes includes at least two eye creams for specific purposes.

Next, they would have a toner for their faces and the eye area, pads infused with cooling agents for calming the skin, and a flower water, infused with botanicals to wash the eyes during the day.

Yes, Koreans do wash their faces multiple times even at work, as their beauty routine involves regular moisturizing. But they do not skip on cleansing. Instead, they take cleansing and moisturizing go hand by hand.

And since their cosmetics often lack harsh chemicals, artificials, and irritants, they do understand that natural ways take some time and need persistence.

2. Combination of unusual ingredients inspired by nature to suit specific needs

Korean women are amongst the most concerned ones about the wellbeing of the skin. They are always on the look for new ways to improve their health and complexion. And they are definitely not afraid to experiment with ingredients!

Koreans share an awareness of the intricate connection between people and nature. They have come up with ingenious formulations after observing the life of plants and animals.

Another thing that we respect is that Koreans understand that every person is unique, so there is no ultimate cure for everyone. The cosmetics they create boasts of so many different extracts and often implies cut-edge technology compounds.

That increases the possible benefits since the potions designed to feed and nurture the skin are not focused on a single-miracle-treatment.

3. Koreans take advantage of additional cosmetics to enhance the penetration of active ingredients

Ampoules, essences, sheet masks, night masks, as well as eye patches for an advanced healing of the skin, are just part of the beauty tools Koreans imply on a regular basis.

It is more than logical to assume, that if we know how to enhance the absorption of active ingredients, that multiplies the benefits of the cosmetics we choose to use.

That is especially when it comes to the fragile area under the eyes, which requires some extra assistance.

4. Plant Stem Cells for Reversing the Signs of Aging


Many Korean products adopt the innovative approach of implementing stem cells to their formulations. Stem cells are the most significant ones in the human skin.

That’s because these are responsible for the constant regeneration of the epidermis, substituting the cells that need repair.

And while nowadays stem cells can be found on various labels, Koreans were among the first ones to start experimenting with these amazing compounds.

5. Deep-water treasures for combating Wrinkles and Dark Circles

Whether it comes to land, sea, or air, Koreans are continually making use of the abundance of natural sources.

Marine Collagen, Neem, Kelp, Spirulina, Caviar, Algae, Black Pearl, and even Starfish Extract are just some of the compositions that we can find in some of the best Korean eye creams.

The underwater world is abundant in precious elements that cannot be seen anywhere else. The whole environment of the creatures that rule this kingdom is much cleaner and undisturbed by the human presence.

Thus, the compounds that have grown in such an atmosphere are among the best to answer various skin demands. Their components can stimulate cell regeneration and increase the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

The essential vitamins and minerals help for the diminishing of the annoying dark circles by stimulating the processes that occur on a cellular level.

6. Koreans long history of studying medicinal herbs and fruits helps to fight puffiness and sagging skin


The Asian culture has left an imprint on the world in so many ways, but by far, one of the most popular seems to be the Eastern knowledge of herbs.

The benefits of Ginseng root, Wildcrafted reishi, Bamboo, Lotus, Birch sap and Eggplant extracts have been long-known by the Koreans.

These find extensive use in treating various skin conditions. When included in eye skin care cosmetics, they can help to reduce inflammation and speed up the healing.

By improving the overall condition of the skin, puffiness starts to calm down. And most importantly, these unique extracts serve to promote skin’s health for years to come.

The Bottom Line

Years ago, we were restricted to share the cultural inheritance and wisdom that each nation carries.

Nowadays, the open trade between the countries and the technology boom is slowly creating a new world, where people get to understand each other better, regardless of the gender, race, or age.

We believe that life is a journey, which we love to share with friends, and we were delighted with the opportunity to experiment with the Korean ways of attaining a youthful vision.

It is always great to know that we are not alone in the battle with the signs of aging, puffiness or dark circles, especially when it comes to the delicate area, surrounding the eyes.

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