How to Potty Train Your Puppy Fast

If you’ve done enough research on the web, you’ll notice there are conflicting ideas on how to potty train your puppy the correct way.

Some believe in punishing your dog out of the habit, which only seems to reinforce anxiety and more potty accidents in the home. Others—such as me—believe in a positive approach where your puppy is rewarded for good behaviour and encouraged to repeat it.

So from the mouth of a dog lover and professional dog trainer, here are the best ways to potty train your puppy fast.

Choosing the Right Breeder

But did you know that your puppy was already learning its potty habits before you even got it?

That’s why it’s so important to choose your breeder carefully. Ask them if they know how to potty train a puppy fast after it’s been born—or if they simply left it up to nature.

Bad potty habits during the first few weeks of a puppy’s life can cause you a lot of problems later.

But hey, if you already have your puppy there’s not much you can do now, right? So let’s make the best of the situation and check out some other puppy potty training tips.

Prepare to Watch Your Puppy—Constantly

You may not have bargained on your puppy taking up this much of your time. But house training your puppy takes a lot of time and patience.

Puppies want to understand their boundaries from a young age, which means it’s up to you to tell them where they can potty and where they can’t.

This takes a watchful eye. Be prepared to make your puppy a priority—even when there are people around. Leaving them to their own devices will guarantee potty accidents in the home.

Make Space for Mistakes

If you can prepare yourself for mistakes from the start, you’ll be less disappointed in your puppy when he or she has an accident.

Accidents will happen. A lot! So get some cleaning stuff together in an accessible area and keep it handy for when your puppy slips up.

Create a Routine

A consistent routine is the key to potty training your puppy quickly. If you can stick to taking your puppy outside at the same times every day and night, your puppy will catch on fast that he or she should potty outside.

It’s important to fit feeding times into this routine too. If you’ve just fed your puppy, it will usually need to go within 20 to 30 minutes of eating.

Keep this in mind all the time and it will soon become a habit.

Exaggerated Rewards for Success

Positive reinforcement is a quicker way to potty train your puppy than punishing it when it slips up.

Exaggerated expressions of praise should overwhelm your puppy with delight every time it potties outside.  Keep some treats handy for when it happens and your puppy will soon realize what you want it to do—and most dogs aim to please their owners as much as they can.

Remember that punishing your puppy for messing in the house is pointless. They don’t understand that they’ve done something wrong. A firm, “No!” is more than enough to let your puppy know they’ve erred.

Consistency and continual guidance for your puppy will win the puppy potting training saga a lot quicker than any other method.

Give it Time

Patience is your strongest weapon while you potty train your puppy. Your puppy will appreciate your patience and bond with you a lot stronger.

Some puppies catch on quicker than others. If you have a slow learner on your hands, stay patient and give your puppy a few weeks to learn your routine. If you keep it up and remain consistent, your puppy will be potty trained within days, weeks or at worst, a couple of months.


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