Motherhood is truly an unforgettable thing to experience. You’ll experience it differently and memorably with every child you have, and that is a wonderful thing. Instead of listing methods to be a better mother, or to take care of yourself during the process, we hope to simply help you celebrate this. After all, the previous topics have been written about at length and by those with some real world spanning experience. However, anyone can celebrate being a mother and love the process of doing so with these simple steps:

Documenting your entire process is important. These children will grow up so fast that it will make your head spin. There is a way around this however, and it’s usually as simple as taking enough pictures and journaling your thoughts during this period. This means that taking pictures of your child during the quiet times, such as the 6 month sleep schedule they have, as well as silly mealtimes and the first time they crawl or walk. You can have these images blown up to frame size and place them around your home to show everyone just how wonderful your family unit is. The most important part of documenting this time is to look back and remember however, and to tease your child in front of their fiance in future. It pays to be prepared.

The beauty of having a child isn’t just that you simply have a new addition to the family unit. It’s that now you have the opportunity to introduce the world to someone new, someone who you consider to be the most important person on the Earth. Showing them the wonders of the world can also help you view them in a fresh light, because as we get older it can be difficult to do so. This might mean seeing the beauty of a butterfly once again as your child is in awe of them.

It might mean simply taking them to the train station and showing them the vintage trains heading past. It might mean heading to the park and simply allowing them to play on the frames. As they get older, taking them to museums and art galleries can be absolutely wonderful too. Life is beautiful for children if you manage to plan their days right, so why not do so? After all, this could truly allow for some wonderful experiences you can both share and remember for the rest of your lives.

There is almost nothing more intimate that the bond between a parent and child, particularly a mother and child. For this reason, celebrating this connection by being as affectionate as possible will help you feel the love that no other relationship shares in this intensity. This allows you to be a healthy mother, and to continually forgive all the silly and small issues that mean nothing, like getting little sleep for the first few years.

With all this in mind, you will find that motherhood is continually something that captures your awe. We couldn’t blame you in the slightest.