Unless you plan on sitting on the floor in your home or sleeping on top of boxes, you're going to need furniture. Before spending a lot of money on furniture that you might not even need, consider some of the shopping tips that can result in quality pieces at affordable prices. Do a bit of research about the types of material that furniture pieces are made of before going to a furniture store in Gilbert, AZ. Think about the kind of material that is best suited for your lifestyle. White usually isn't a good color choice if you have pets or children who might spill things on the furniture. Fabrics that are stain resistant are often the best option if you have children or pets in the home. However, if your children are grown and you're not worried about pet hair, then leather is a nice option to consider to add an elegant touch to the home. 

Open the cabinet doors and drawers to see that they work properly. You also need to look at the size of the compartments to ensure that there is enough space for all of the things that you want to store. Look at how the furniture is made. Avoid getting pieces that are nailed at the ends or glued together because they likely won't last long. The legs on everything from beds to kitchen tables should be sturdy. If any piece of furniture that you want to purchase doesn't seem sturdy, then you should pass it over for something that is stronger. When you're shopping for couches and chairs, look at the springs because this can determine the comfort level of the furniture. Cushions with a removable cover will allow you to change the color of your furniture and are easy to clean instead of replacing the entire piece of furniture.