There’s no city quite like New York. New York is one of the greatest cities in the world, as it offers so much in the way of art, entertainment and cultural attractions. All of that is why so many people come to the city on a regular basis, to visit and take in the sights, or to live and work on a temporary basis. 

Quite honestly, New York isn’t an easy place to live in. The rents are very high, to the point of absurdity, and the fast pace  of this city makes it hard for many people to tolerate. Still, there are many people who say that their dream is to stay in New York temporarily, and work on a project that allows them to live there for the short term. On this type of basis, the city can be a very attractive place to be, when you know you won’t be paying a very high rent for the long term. 

Managing a Temporary New York Stay
For those people who are able to work out a temporary living situation in the city, there are a few details that would have to worked out. Getting a mailbox service New York would take care of the need to get mail on a regular basis, even as a living situation might have to change during the stay. Having a working cell phone and Internet access is also important, but that could be arranged through a cell phone service. For lodging, Craig’s list and Air BNB both offer options for staying on a temporary basis, depending on what’s available. Air BNB lodging can be secured for short term stays (less than a week), and Craig’s list might offer longer term temporary lodging. 

The ultimate reality is that it is doable to live in New York if you are working. There are many options for living spaces, and the city is an exciting place to stay for the short term. The key to all of this is in staying flexible and ultimately, open-minded.