My Regular Skin Care Routine Using Godiva Natural Skin Care

Part of my skincare routine that I never skip on doing everyday is cleanse, tone and moisturize. I always make sure to do this twice a day. To achieve a good and healthy looking skin, this routine is a must. I actually have regular products which I use for few months when I received a set of skin care products from Godiva. And since I have been so curious to try Godiva's facial wash, toner and facial cream, I used it straightaway! I wanna know how this products can help improve my skin's current condition.

My Skin Needs Help!!
My current skin condition is a bit upsetting. Summer gets my face all oily and makes annoying blisters and zits appear here, there and everywhere! Oh golly please please be good to me, summer! How can I enjoy Summer when you are making my face miserable, huhu. Its like my skin absorbs all the humid even I stay all day long inside my bedroom. I need skin care products that could help me survive the summer months.

Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Facial Wash  (Php85.00)

  • A low-foaming, soap-free formula that moisturizes while gently and thoroughly cleanses the skin, leaving it with softer, smoother glow.
  • Helps brighten skin as it cleanses.
  • Effective for all skin types. Apply a small amount onto face with water. Wash face in the morning and night.

This facial wash has a nice light scent which is good because I am not a fan of facial wash with strong scents and formulation. It is made of all natural skin whitener. Multi-purpose; whitens, cleanses and moisturize.
Iam glad that I did not experience any redness or allergies while using it.


Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Facial Toner  (Php89.00)

  • The whiter way to even out skin tone.
  • Ideal for normal to dry skin. Apply a small amount onto cotton and apply to face after cleansing.

This facial toner is mild on skin. It smells like a cucumber that makes me feel like it effectively treats my skin. I feel like my skin is fresh and clean after using this toner.


Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Facial Cream  (Php120.00)

  • Helps even out skin discolorations caused by age, scarring, pregnancy or overexposure to sun.
  • It is 100% fragrance free and is safe for continued use for longer-lasting whiter skin. Apply to face after cleansing and toning.

One of the best facial cream that I have tried so far! I like that it is safe to use even by pregnant and breastfeeding moms. I use this twice a day, morning and evening. I hope they also put SPF to it just like the GODIVA lotion which has SPF15.

Road testing these products for 3 weeks now. It has helped out to even out my skintone. I like that using these three products lightened out some of my pimple scars and blemishes. I feel like my skin is smoother. These products did not irritate my face. It's really twice effective when you use same brand products because they are made of same formulation and works best together. Although, it helps out to make the pimple marks less visible and even out my skintone, it did not help much on lessening the number of stubborn pimples showin up. I hope they also have a product perfect for oily skin. 

Overall, I love Godiva product because it lives to what it claims. It does a good job in whitening your face and this really evens out skintone. I highly recommend!

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Disclosure: GODIVA has provided the author with samples of the Godiva LicoWhite™ Whitening Products. The author received no compensation and all thoughts and opinions provided are strictly her own.

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