One of the activities kids love doing is painting. I couldn't agree more on that because I remember with my eldest ever since 'toddlerhood', he has been drawn to watercolors. He loves to color just anything and I remember my wall was bombarded with his drawings which I had hard time removing.

Here I am letting my youngest hands on paints and get dirty. And he goes Dip and Stroke. It's funny how his face lights up after each strokes he do. It's funny to see how he reacts when he discover new things. You can tell his amazement through the sparkle on his eyes like he is doing his greatest master piece.

This is what will most likely to happen when you let a toddler on finger painting for the very first time. Hahah. One word describes it, MESSY. hahah.

This is one great activity which provides an amazing sensory encounter for children. Finger painting is great for fine motor and creativity while learning self expression. It is a good start to teach them to be creative and artistic at an early stage. 

Don't worry too much about your child being messy because it is part of exploring. 


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