My Breastfeeding Journey: How to Use Breast Milk Storage Bags

 Even before I gave birth. I have firmly resoluted to stick on breastfeed instead of formula milk. Not only for practicality but also I am aware how important it is for a baby to get the perfect nutrition on the initial years of his life. And now that he is about to turn two years old, I am a proud mom! Nursing my son for two years is paired with a lot of challenges. It was kind of hard most specially at first months because I am at the same time working and he really continously refuses bottle. 
However, I am very thankful that there are other breastfeeding moms who helped me out through my breastfeeding journey. They recommended very usable products and gave me a lot of powerful advice.

Now, I would like to give back by also sharing knowledge to other breastfeeding moms or moms to be out there. Introducing one necessity of a breastfeeding mom like me which I use when I badly need to pack up for some very important meetings and I cannot take my youngest with me, a trusted brand of breastmilk storage bag.

Pur is one of the trusted brands of breastfeeding moms like me. All their products are made of high quality food grade plastic, or premium medical grade silicone.

How to properly use Pur breast milk storage bag:

  • Express milk.
  • Wash hands with soap then rinse before handling the bag.
  • Make note of time/date/name on bag.
  • Open bag and pour the  freshly expressed breast milk into the bag.
  • Before sealing, squeeze out as much air as possible.
  • Place bag in refrigerator(@4 hours), ice compartment or refrigerator (7 days) deep freeze (3 months)
  • Thaw the milk at room temperature or by using warm (not hot) water.
  • Pour milk into sterilised feeding bottle. To use with feeding bottle place bag inside bottle.
-Cut off top with clean scissors.
-Fold the opening over the rim of bottle.
-Fit top of bottle as normal.
-Discard any unused milk
-Do not refreeze or keep for later.

 Mommies, please also keep this in mind:

Pur breast milk storage bag can be bought from Pinay Mommy Ph

Disclosure: Pinay Mommy Ph has provided the author with Pur Breast Milk Storage Bags. The author received no compensation and all thoughts and opinions provided are strictly her own.



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