Last Thursday, I was invited to the block screening of much waited movie, Maleficent in TriNoma Cinema1. I have been looking forward for this Disney movie because I am so excited to see how Angelina Jolie resplendent in the title role. I supposed to come with my mom but something came up and she was not able to accompany me to watch the movie. I did not bring my kids with me because although it is a Disney movie, I'd like to watch it first to evaluate if this is a kind of movie I will allow my kids to see.

The event started with delightful foods served by Fish&co and TGIFridays. There were so many bloggers in the event and it was too crowded that is why I was not able to take a lot of pictures. There was a Q&A program and the winners got to take home movie tickets and one lucky winner won a Swatch watch. 

When we are already inside the cinema, they added some fun by revealing that there were 20 seats with stickers who the lucky seaters could have prizes. I felt a bit sad that I was not able to take home any prize.

But it's okay because I enjoyed watching the movie, I had a perfect seat and I feel so comfy. No unusual odor inside and the entire cinema is so clean. Outstanding sound quality and strong airconditioning which made me regret of not bringing any cover top.

I love all movies of Angelina Jolie. Maleficent is exceptional as I expected. I was touched by the scene when all that she wanted is to revoke the curse but she can't do anything about it because the curse made was extremely unbreakable. There are also some funny parts blended in the movie that will also leave you laughing. Elle Fanning who plays as Aurora is so gorgeous. I so love the story and the entire movie is really interesting. However, the first 30 minutes of the movie could scare the hell out of my youngest. My youngest is kind of fearful of creepy dark characters and I know the scene when Maleficent's piercing anger was evinced, my son could startle off. So I don't think this is something my youngest could enjoy. But I am pretty sure my 8 year old son would enjoy this movie as much as I do because he loves Disney movies. Most especially the part when Malificent turned her crow named Diaval into a dragon on the latter part of the movie. The fight scenes were remarkable and very creative. There is a moral in the story that is sure to give emotional impact to the audience.