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Beauty Post: Enchanted After Midnight Smokey Eyes Review

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This palette has been sitting around on my makeup stash for quite sometime now and it's just recently when I finally tried it. Me and hubby went out on a family date and I dared to sport a smokey eye look. Haha it's the second time I went out with a smokey eye makeup and I am proud that I am kinda getting a bit good in doing smokey eyes. It was late in the afternoon when we went out so it is expected that we were still out til night. 

Product: Enchanted After Midnight Smokey Eyes

There is no label or name of shades. There are three shades that are really perfect for smokey eye look. Light blue, Grayish and a pretty Black shade.It also comes with a small dual ended sponge applicator. There is a direction at the back of the box on how to apply the eyeshadow.

I think the stiletto logo is cute and appealing, I love stilettos!

I used a black pencil eyeliner from Nichido to line my eyes which made me kinda regret that I should have used liquid eyeliner instead because it smudged so bad. As in really bad.

Overall, this is a decent eyeshadow palette but I don't think I am gonna be using this often, or this might be the last time I am gonna use this. I rate the pigmentation 6/10. The first shade hardly adheres and doesn't give much color. Only the black shade has great pigmentation. This might last longer on lids if you use a decent primer.

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  1. I love make up palettes. Although staying power is among the many problems

  2. simply love the colors,it can be use day and night makeup,


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