I would like to share a DIY project my son made for me. isn't that so sweet? He still has few popsicle sticks from some summer activity plays that we did and he thought to use it for a project. I am glad he is kinda getting interested in doing DIY projects because it allows him to become more patient and more creative.

For today, he made a popsicle sticks box. He asked for a little of my help in aligning the foundation which is the bottom, then he did the rest and the designs.

This is a very simple project any gradeschooler can definitely do. Very simple materials and very simple pattern that they can easily follow. Here's a simple step by step picture instructions:

For the lid, you just need to glue two sticks below a row of sticks to keep it intact. The glue needs to completely dries up before it can be moved or lifted up from the surface.

For the design,he did not put too much decoration. Or maybe he just don't know what designs would fit since he is going to give it to me. He just glued a bead big enough to be a handle on the lid and lined up white beads which I have no idea where he got, maybe from one of my super old clothes. Haha. I guess, being crafty not only allows him to be creative but also be resourceful. 


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