The Victorian look has remained a popular choice for home decor throughout the years. It’s combination of antique furnishings, traditional items, and ornate styles creates a timeless feeling that is both formal and comfortable. Use the following tips to bring a Victorian touch to every room in the house.

The Bedroom
Of all the rooms in your home the bedroom is the easiest to decorate in a Victorian fashion. Start with the bed. It is the centerpiece of the room and will look beautiful with a dark wood headboard. Dress the windows with lace curtain panels from your local home goods store or retailers like Paul's Home Fashions. Finish the room with nightstands that match the bed. Keep in mind that they don't have to be traditional nightstands. Small tables with spindle legs will look lovely. Top them off with dried flowers in ornate vases.

The Dining Room
Of all the rooms in your home, the dining room is the most suited to Victorian d├ęcor. The rich colors and heavy fabrics are ideal for a formal place to entertain. The dining table should be constructed of a heavy wood that is stained in a dark color. Legs should be thick with plenty of detail. Use several layers when dressing the windows. Start with lace covered by light weight drapes. Add another set of heavier drapes over the top that can be pulled back, and top it all off with a valance trimmed in fringe. Use deep colors on the walls that coordinate with the accessory pieces.

The Living Room
This is the room you can have the most fun with. It will feel more like you are decorating a doll house than an actual home. Begin by reminding yourself that in Victorian times, this wouldn’t be a living room. It is a parlor where you receive guests. Choose luxurious furnishings upholstered in velvet with wood trim, but keep in mind that you will still want modern comfort. Cover the walls in wallpaper with elaborate designs such as florals. Colorful, flowered area rugs and dainty accessories will complete the look.

Adding details like lace curtain panels, antique furniture, and ornate finishes to any room in the house will create a Victorian style you will love for years to come. Because Victorian decor remains popular throughout the decades, you will be less likely to re-do these rooms as trends and fashions change. In the end, you will, have a whole house design that will save you time and money while looking amazing for a very long time.