Being a stay at home mom can be a challenge for various reasons. While this can be the most rewarding path if you do it right, it can also be a fast track to isolation. Failure to leave the house, for instance, could soon see you feeling stir crazy. Equally, the monotony of your days will start to plague you if you don’t keep things fresh.

But, this is all stuff we’ve spoken about before, and this post isn’t about going over old ground. Instead, we’re going to look at a more practical downside to the stay at home mom lifestyle. Sadly, we’re talking about the soaring bills. Or, the potentially soaring bills, anyway.

If you’re at home all day, your household bills will soon start rising. While you were in employment, your heating only went on in the evenings. Plus, your electricals were switched off all day. Now, you’re cranking the heating from morning until night, and there’s rarely a moment when you don’t have something electrical on the go.

The trouble is, now you aren’t earning, bills like these can be a strain. Instead, then, consider these ways to reduce the costs of your newfound lifestyle.

Find cheap ways to heat

With the cold weather fast approaching, it’s important you get on top of heating. Having this on even intermittently all through the day will set you back. Instead, then, you need to find cheaper ways to heat. We’re not talking about sticking a sweater on, although that could help. Instead, we’re talking about home improvements you can make to keep yourselves warm. An obvious option would be to upgrade your windows to double glazing if you don’t have it already. It may also be worth paying attention to attic insulation. You may even decide you want to embark on something like metal shingle installation for your roof which helps to keep heat in. Either way, any alterations which stop you reaching for that thermostat are worth your attention.

Set up base in one room
You should also aim to set up base in one room. Aside from making your life easier, basing yourself in the living room, for instance, can save on both heating and electricity. If you’re between rooms, you’ll switch on lights all over, as well as needing to heat the whole house. If you stick in one place, you can localize your heat with something like a fire or your radiator valves. This also ensures you don’t leave lights on elsewhere which lead to wasted money.

Tackle one activity at a time

Even if you’re in one room, cut costs further by concentrating on one task at a time. If you have the iPad and television going all day, is it any surprise your bills get high? Instead, watch a program, then turn off the television to get the iPad out, then turn that off to get baking. You get the drill. One activity at a time keeps debt collectors from your door.