Three Unconventional Places to Retire

If you are looking to move somewhere when you retire that is more cost effective, it may be beneficial to look into other places besides Florida and California. 


Oregon is becoming an increasingly popular place to move. Although most of the state can be rainy, the greenery is gorgeous, and there is plenty of outdoor activities. A rising star in the area is Bend, which is a smaller city in central Oregon that is rife with rivers, lakes, biking and hiking trails. Although the capital of the state is the tiny city of Salem, Portland, Oregon is known to be the brewery capitol of the United States. There are also stunning natural wonders, like Multnomah Falls Nature Preserve and the Columbia River. 


With its breathtaking mountain scenery and crisp air with high elevation, Colorado is a wonderful place at all times of the year. If you are interested in living in Colorado, you may want to research retirement communities in the state. For example, performing an internet search for "retirement homes in colorado" will provide you with all types of communities, from independent to assisted living, and the price ranges and amenities of each. 


Montana is one of the least populated states, but is also one of the most beautiful. If you love to camp and fish, then Montana is a good place to spend your golden years. Additionally, it is rife with inexpensive housing, many on larger plots of land. Montana is also close to one of our neighboring countries, Canada, which does not require a United States passport to enter or exit. The opportunities for adventure in this state will keep your senior life as busy as ever. 

Although they do not feature traditional beaches and year-round sunny weather, there are still many places you can spend your later life that are equally breathtaking, but without breaking the bank. 

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