Beauty Tips for Busy Working at Home Moms

As a working at home mom, your time at work and taking care of  kids take most all of your time and leave a lesser time for yourself. But it doesn't mean that you are gonna lose your self image.

When you are clean, you feel beautiful and feel good about yourself. This beauty regimen results to refreshed and totally clean feeling which enables you to work well, be more productive and everything else will follow.

It thus adds confidence and gives you thrive to work.

Here are some quick simple strategies which we mommies can include in our daily routine for the sake of making ourselves feel beautiful even on busy days.
Let this set of Beauty Tips helps you out.

1. Wash your face.  
Take it as a routine to wash your face when you get up. It only takes 3 minutes. It will refresh your face and your mind as well. Use warm water in order to get all the dirt and bacteria off your skin. 

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2. Hair.
 As your crowning glory, it deserves proper attention. Brush it when you wake up. You do not have to spend long time in front of your dresser or mirror to manage your hair, If you have a long hair, a simple ponytail will do. If you have short hair, you can use head bands and clips to make your hair look nice.

3. Creams. 
Applying day cream just takes a minute to three minutes. You can just dab to face the cream on your face and work on it on your face while walking your way to kitchen to prepare breakfast. I use a cream that is matte finish so I do not have to apply powder over it.   

 4. Makeup.  Well it normally takes time, but you do not have to cut it off. For quick and easy makeup routine see this. Just please do not over do this. A lip gloss or light lipstick and eyelash curler can already make your face light up. If you will put eyeliners at least be recognizable when done.


5. Nails.  Unkempt nails are definitely disgusting. Make sure its short, if you like it coated, opt to use a quick dry coat. But a simple colorless shade can already make your nails look neat. It only takes 15-20 minutes to apply shades on your nails and you can do this before heading to sleep. 


6. Clothes.  Never take your outfit for granted but it doesn't mean you need to spend hours on your closet choosing the best outfit. You can even look at your best with a simple loose shirt just don't wear something you might look miserable on. Just make it simple yet presentable. At least try not look like you carry the whole world on your back.

7. Accessories.  Accessorizing is not necessary but if you have a pair of simple earrings, there is no reason not to use it. It does add to make you look and feel good. A piece of jewelry or anything like beads may do as well. Just do not over do that can make you look like an accessories store.   


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