Create your own Online Shop

This is an online business that is so popular right now. More and more people resort to online shopping because of the advantages. There are tons of online shops in social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. Some online shops have their own websites with domain. If you like to earn extra income, you might as well give this a try.

Selling Used Stuffs

If you are struggling for a capital, you can start off by selling your used clothes, accessories, children toys or furniture. This second hand products is also called pre-loved, which some were just used for a short period of time. There are also some you have mistakenly bought and still unused.

Products to Sell

You can apply as a reseller or retailer from clothing shops. Or you can sell handmade jewelry or accessory. Some people would sell services like printing on mugs and shirts. You may do that as well just make sure that you keep in mind the quality of your products.

Build Trust

Since the buyer and seller cannot get to see each other and both do not know each other, a doubt may occur. Once you have established a trust between your buyers, they are sure to always check your page for new products. You can find an outlet ask them to sell their products. You can sell just anything as long as you make sure to deliver the products to the buyer within the agreed date. You can just add an additional charge for the shipping fee. You may also want to hold of a sale at least twice a year to maintain your costumer's loyalty.

Product Photos

You will need a digital camera to take pictures of the products that you are selling. Once you have made a sale you also might want to post the photos of receipt as proof of shipment to gain buyers trust. If you are selling clothes, it is a good idea if you have someone to model your clothes, so people could see how well fit your clothes are.

Payment Options

Bank deposit or other local remittance centers can be an option for payments. For international customers, or even for locals, an easiest way to get paid is by PayPal. This is the mode of payment I always use when sopping online. You need to have debit card or a Paypal account, it would saved you from many stressful situations! The reason that I do recommend having one of these nifty cards is that you can make all of your purchases to start selling with this card. You can use it to buy shipping supplies and can also use this card when you are purchasing items that you are going to sell on other online shops. It is a big convenience specially if you are going to be making multiple purchases from garage sales, or other places that do not accept a debit card, then you will go to your bank and take out cash from the ATM machine, it’s a really cool thing to have! You get funds fast because your customers can pay as soon as they receive your bill. 

BlogShop or Online Store Name 
What is Blog Shop? It is your store's website where you can personalize and have your main blog store name as a domain. You can put a shopping cart and set up directly to your bank accounts all payment transactions that could be made. You may also use Wordpress or Blogger as a platform to create a blog shop. If you like, you can use Facebook or Instagram and come up with the most appropriate online shop name for your business.

Here are some sites where you can start your online shop.