Is Blogging the new trend? What is BLOGGING? How to start a BLOG? Can I earn by BLOGGING?

Blogging is like writing on your Diary. A diary that you don't wanna keep private and wanna share to the whole world. Blogging is also one best way to generate internet  income if you know how to expand your horizon like having knowledge in SEO or by being an affiliate? 
Of course to start BLOGGING, you have to make your blog an interesting read by taking into considerations of some factors. 

I believe there are more I still need to learn about blogging. However, I would like to share what I have learned so far, also to give newbies an introduction of what Blogging is all about. So here it goes....

1. Why do you like to create a blog site? Do you have a passion for writing? Or do you want to start make money by blogging? Do you see yourself still writing in two or three more years time? 

2. You will never come up with a good blog if you do not understand your own niche. You can come up with a great topic if you talk about your interests. You can always blog about anything just make sure you can engage first yourself, then your readers  into it.  
These are topics you are most comfortable in sharing about.  

3. Who are your targeted readers? Is there any specific age? Does your blog applicable for any ages?

4. It must be SEO friendly to appear a good rank in search engines. Search engine optimization friendly is a great factor that bloggers consider in writing a blog. It should be easy to search and your title must cover everything that is in your content.
At first, I really did not care if what I write is searchable or not. But as days go by, I have realized the importance of SEO. Readers that you get from sharing your links is never enough to target a good number of visitors in a day. This is optional but since you are already Blogging, why not make the most out of it? You also have to work for the SEO if you like to have more readers and traffic.

5. Make it an enjoy read. Make sure that your blog can keep your readers engaged.
You don't wanna bore your readers so have an interesting content that can be helpful to people. This is one of the biggest challenge, just keep in mind that if you want traffic to your blog site, make sure it is informative and doesn't mislead readers.

6. Willingness to accept constructive criticism. Be open minded, people have different mindsets and opinions. We are not perfect, admit that. If you lack on some areas in your blogging career, try to focus on your area of improvement. The internet consists of positive and negative opinions. You cannot escape from people's judgement. Just try to  look at the positive side. Strive for improvement everyday and in time you will be one of the best!

7. Commitment. How much time can you give? How many times can you update your blog? It cant be once everyday or if you are busy enough, give at least two to three times a week of new posts or updates. 

8. Wordpress or Blogger. You can start by using any of the two free platforms. Most beginners choose Blogger over Wordpress because it is more user-friendly. It is always your choice. You can always watch tutorials in Youtube about how to use these two platforms.

9. To grow your audience, you will need to share the blog posts across your Social Media Accounts like in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or Google+.  

There you go, that's it!

Next thing you need to do is ask yourself when to start! 

Have fun!

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