Earn Money Playing Online Games

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Playing games online in your spare time is a great way to relax and to make some extra money. Seriously???!
Well at first heard, I thought this was a big joke! But when I got myself a lot of time in front of my desktop computer, I have proven that it is true. 

 "How to Earn by playing online games?"

Here is a list of websites where you can earn money on playing games on line.



This is one of the most popular online gaming site that rewards its players. There are several ways on how to get the rewards. The reward is what they call SwagBucks. There are so many ways to spend your Swagbucks including gift cards, valuable merchandise and electronics.

Playing in is a great online gamisng site which lets you play your favorite easy online games and earn money from it. They have different games available like puzzle, board, card, word games that can make you earn money. A player can earn as much as $50 a day. They send out prizes within 60 days after you have claimed your prize.


It doesn't require download or installation on your pc. ANNO1777 offer players a great way to earn from playing online depending on your skills. Players earn virtual money that can be exchanged for real money. This is a legit site that pays in euro currency.


They have easy games that teenagers can play to earn some extra cash. Playing here doesn't require download. Aside from playing online, they also have other ways on how to earn more by completing surveys, game reviews and refer a friend. They have a facebook page to help you have an idea.


A strategy online game where you can earn Mars Dollars that you can redeem for a real dollar. The setting of the game is in the universe and you can earn by attacking other players. I am not sure how to play this because I ma not into action packed games. Most guys like to play this kind of games. The minimum payment threshold is $20 and of course you need to play hard to earn it. Many gamers find this very addictive and exciting. You can also earn by referring players.


A friend of mine is earning by playing here and selling his designs. Players purchase clothes to his virtual boutique shop and that is how he earns.
There are other ways on how you can earn here. You need to download and install the game before you can play.


Play Time is never gonna be boring with this site. They have a variety of games to choose from. I like how colorful and lively their website is. They have easy to play games which is like you are just playing in the arcade.


You can win prizes by obtaining high scores on their tournaments. Exclusively for US residents only. Before you can claim your prize, you need to submit a government issued ID. Based on the reviews, this is a legit site and many gamers find this site very easy to earn extra bucks.
Update 09/14/2018 no longer available


It is a great gaming site to start off playing online. They have different categories on which you can choose from. The prize you get is deposited into your Paypal account. You can earn everyday, you just need dedication and it is not impossible to get $25 in a day.
Update 09/14/2018 no longer available

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  1. Oh wow! I didn't know there something else with playing online games other than getting addicted. haha These are sooo cool. Too bad some of of are exclusively for US residents only.

  2. If you are good at games and it's a good way to earn money with these online games.

  3. it seems that your are missing one =)
    Market Glory, you can follow this link to play.

    The game is similar a Anno1777, but the play environment is so much better, and there are many more ways to earn cash, i have been playing for just 3 days and i already made my first euro!

    1. Wow that sounds great! Well I will definitely check this out, thanks for sharing :D

  4. Check out this strategy game similar to Anno1777 (it's developed by the same team that's behind Anno btw) -

    In this game you build small town of your own, when you start there's a good tutorial to guide you through gameplay basics and you need around 2 weeks to develop your city a little bit and build gold mine... Then you mine for gold every day and collect gold, and that gold can be sold for real money and sent to your PayPal account or some other similar service like Payza, BitCoin, Neteller, Skrill (former MoneyBookers), via WesternUnion or direct deposit to your bank account...

  5. Most, if not all, listed above are not applicable to Philippine users/residents (upon reading Terms) in terms of earning money. Do you use any personally for earning purposes?

  6. I hope this list soon will all be available to our region.

  7. Oh! I didnt know about these websites that you can earn while playing! Im gonna try it also..

  8. Wow! Thanks for this! I love playing games but didn't know I can earn money from it.. :)

  9. Thank you for posting this info, I think I know what to do next. I can EARN while playing.

  10. Heres a growing list of online games that you can make money from

    1. No longer works as of 30 SEPT 2015.

  11. Thank you for giving me idea that online gaming will give me an income :)

  12. thank you for giving me an idea that online gaming will give me an extra income.

  13. Yay! glad i came to this blog. Got to know that i can earn by playing games. I thought it's only for MMORPG or Level Up games just like what my former colleagues said, but there are lots more. Thank you for sharing...


  14. I do surveys online to make a few extra bucks. I make around $200 a month or so. It wont make you rich but it is easy. Check out cashcrate it's the best.

  15. Nice! Love to play games. I try them all. Anymore websites to try? Thanks!

  16. I heard about swagbucks before too but unfortunately most this are not available in Philippines. I just love to play games.

  17. Hi, there’s also a game called MarketGlory. MarketGlory is a political, economic, social and military strategy game. This entails that you can start either on one of these fields or you can explore all of them. try it now. you’ll definitely earn, here’s my link:

  18. I never knew we could earn online by plainly playing! I earn online by posting youtube videos about my bass covers. Few cents though but it's kinda fun. ;-)

  19. The sources for the best free online games for teenagers and adults will tend to have games that are more complex, romantic in nature, fast, and tricky. Motu Patlu Games

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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