iPanel Legit or Scam? (Review)


If there is an opportunity to earn  residual income by just simply answering questions, would you grab it?

I am sure most of you have heard of taking surveys to earn online. But most of survey  sites were not legitimate. 
Here in this post, I will introduce iPanel. One of the most popular survey sites.

iPanel Overview 
One of my most favorite survey websites is iPanel. They are a marketing research company which gathers consumers opinion regarding a certain product or service. All the opinion and suggestions will be used by companies improve their product or service.
your opinion is important!

Who can join?
Everyone has a chance to join as long as you accept the membership agreement.

CLICK HERE to register to iPanel

How to earn points in iPanel?
  • Participating in Quick Survey
  • Completing Online Survey
  • Posting your opinion in the Forum Board
  • Referral Program

  • You will earn points for each of surveys that you have completed. They have two types of surveys, Quick Survey and Online Survey. Each has a set of questionnaires that collect your opinions. You will earn points for each once you have completed a survey. Online Survey takes longer than Quick Survey.
  • You get to earn 1 post for each of your post in the Forum.
  • They have a Referral Program that you will get to earn points once you have invited anyone to join. It also gives you chance to earn bonus.

  • You can request payment anytime as long as you have accumulated the target points.
  • You can use Paypal, GoogleCheck, Wire Transfer, AliPay, Visa, MasterCard or check.

  • Each survey has a certain limit on quantity so if you are late in participation, whether you are qualified it will lose your chance to participate. You need to check every once in a while to be able to keep track of the surveys.
  • They don't  have enough survey for everyone. It takes hours for the survey to appear.

Good Points
  • They send email if you are qualified for a survey.
  • Low required points to be eligible to redeem your prize.
  • They send your payment 1-2 days after your redemption.

Is iPanel Legit or Scam?
iPanel is LEGIT.
Click here for my payment proof.


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