In my previous post, I have introduced the website called Humanatic. This could be a perfect opportunity if you are struggling for residual income. It is also best for mommies because you will not need to worry
about the noises around while you work because you were just basically listening to calls here.
Here in this post, I have made a complete review about Humanatic.

Info About Humanatic

Humanatic is a website of a company  called Century Interactive that hires contractors to Review Calls.  Business companies listen to calls for quality assurance. So, it is a big help if the call is already marked and tagged according to it's category by the contractor because it will save them time.

You will basically listen to calls and you don't need to talk. As a contractor, you are called Humans. You will have to categorize each call and mark them on a specific category. You need to listen carefully and mark the calls properly to be able to acquire high accuracy score. It is a simple job which requires patience and a good judgment skill. There is no training, but they will require you to review first the Overview and listen to categorized sample calls.

How to apply?
Click here and fill up the form.
You need to wait for their email as a GO signal on when you are going to start listening calls.

How much can I earn and how is the payment process?
  • It depends on which from categories listed you choose. The lowest category is 0.6¢ per completed task. 
  • It depends on your accuracy if you will receive higher offer categories. More categories means higher rates.
  • They pay weekly deposited into your Paypal account every Monday as long as you have accumulated $10 on your account.

Time of work
Flexible. It means you can log in and out anytime you wish.

  • Some people find it low pay. Most specially if you just started as Human because you only have limited categories.
  • The calls were not enough for all the Humans. If I am not mistaken, they have more than a thousand Humans now. Most of the time they are running out of calls to review and you have to refresh the page to be able to receive calls to review.
  • It takes time to receive the confirmation email on when to start. I have received mine after almost a month, some received after three or five months.
  • No training. So to be able to guide you through, you just need to review the guides yourself and listen to the sample marked  calls.

Is Humanatic Legit or Scam?
I have made a test run to see if its legit or scam. I logged in 30-90 minutes  a day and after almost a month, I have accumulated a total of $13.06. I cashed out and waited for the Monday to receive a notification from my email. Tuesday morning, I saw the $13.06 reflected into my Paypal. Here is my payment proof.
The result: Humanatic is LEGIT.  

I am still Human. I have to say that I really enjoy listening to calls. It will basically enhance your judgment and listening skills. Listening and tagging the calls remind me of my job as a call center agent prior shifting to WAHM.

All Humans start at two or three categories with low rate. They need to see that you are tagging calls correctly for you to get more categories. After few days, I gained two more categories with higher rates. The more calls you tagged correctly, the more chances to reach good paying categories.

Watch this video to help give you more idea.