#DIY: Easy Erase Calendar Using Photo Frame

I am still in the process of working to improve my home office just to make it look like one. I guess it's gonna be an endless process because there are a lot of new ideas always popping up my mind on what to do with this small space of mine. 

Today, I would like to share one of my latest DIY, perfect as we just started the year. Last December, I didn't know why I forgot to get myself a decent office calendar for 2015. I seemed to forget to get one whenever we went out last week. So yesterday, I decided to just create one.

Here's my personalized Diy Office Calendar using photo frame.

Photo frame (size of your choice)
colored papers
colored pens
a pair of scissor
Whiteboard marker

 Step by step instruction:

A non-permanent marker is advised to use because you can easily wipe-off to erase. I use whiteboard marker to write down the months and dates since you will be going to change it month after month.

You can put any design you want, I choose to put a flower at one side of my calendar because I think it's cute and quite adds a girly atmosphere at my office.


  1. what an artistic way to put up your own calendar ...very personalized and it suits your needs ...way to go!

  2. I love doing my own stuff like my blogger planner and pen holder, but I haven't tried making my own calendar. A great idea to have an organize chart of your activities.

  3. The calendar is really very colorful and creative and would really come in handy in organizing your stuff.

  4. You've tapped your creativity by coming up with this aratistic DIY calendar for the year 2015. It pays so much to develop your latent talent like this one. It's very useful.

  5. This is a great idea. Planning ahead will get you on your feet. I want to do something like this for my desk

  6. What a good idea, dear. You are indeed creative. Will share this post to friends of mine.

  7. very creative..I will try this in my shop. I think I will always be seeing what I placed into it bacause its very colorful!

  8. Nice and colorful calendar...it's easy to do and yes, I can share this activity with my daughter too.

  9. Wow! Would love to try this too! Will let you know once I find ways to do it.