#DIY: Easy Erase Calendar Using Photo Frame

I am still in the process of working to improve my home office just to make it look like one. I guess it's gonna be an endless process because there are a lot of new ideas always popping up my mind on what to do with this small space of mine. 

Today, I would like to share one of my latest DIY, perfect as we just started the year. Last December, I didn't know why I forgot to get myself a decent office calendar for 2015. I seemed to forget to get one whenever we went out last week. So yesterday, I decided to just create one.

Here's my personalized Diy Office Calendar using photo frame.

Photo frame (size of your choice)
colored papers
colored pens
a pair of scissor
Whiteboard marker

 Step by step instruction:

A non-permanent marker is advised to use because you can easily wipe-off to erase. I use whiteboard marker to write down the months and dates since you will be going to change it month after month.

You can put any design you want, I choose to put a flower at one side of my calendar because I think it's cute and quite adds a girly atmosphere at my office.

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