Week 1: #Beginnings #PhotographyChallenge #LinkUp #MummyBPhotographyChallenge

Lately, I have realized that my photos needed a lot of improvement. So one of my goals this 2015 is to improve the quality of my blog photos. While browsing my newsfeed, a post from another mommy blogger came across about photography challenge, sounds fantastic to me!

I will link up to Mummy B Blog and do the photography challenge every Sunday which I am so excited about! This is my first time to join a challenge eversince I started blogging. As you can see, I am starting to take my blogging more seriously.

'Beginnings' is the very first challenge. So below is what I came up with.

"Good Morning," are the first two words to come out of my mouth at the 'beginning' of each new day. Hahaha I hope that makes sense, whatever. 
The handwriting was my sister's. I am not actually satisfied with how the photo came out because I feel it lacks creativity. I really need more practice, but I promise I will make it up next Sunday. (In the meantime, this photo will do. xxx)

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