Week 3: #Simplicity #PhotographyChallenge #LinkUp #MummyBPhotographyChallenge

Hurray, I am at the third week of the photo challenge. I was too busy earlier this week that I almost forgot to set this post in Public. I hope it is not too late though because it is already Saturday and tomorrow is the start of 4th week's theme. So, for the third week, our theme is SIMPLICITY.

I captured this flower, please don't ask me what's this flower's name because I have no idea. I just saw this flower in my granny's garden and thought a photo of this can make a great desktop background, and I am right! I am currently using this photo as my desktop background, very girly since it is a flower and look how simple it is yet very beautiful. 


Week 2: #Cold #PhotographyChallenge
Week 1: #Beginnings #PhotographyChallenge

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