Home Office Organization Inspiration

Some of you might know, I have been working on how to organize my home office eversince late last year. To be honest, I am running out of idea of how I will organize the paper stuff and all the small and big items. I also wanted a small vanity area at my office since I like to fix my face everytime I am feeling so stressed out with my daily activities at home.

 So most probably, I am collecting ideas using Mr. Google and looked up on organization ideas to inspire me in designing my home office. And here are some of what I am thrilled of to try getting the idea and incorporate in designing my own home office.

source: http://followpics.me/fun-desk-organization-idea/

source: http://www.guatacrazynight.com/i-love-rehabs-tag-archive-home-office-organization-18261/

source: http://tboook.com/home-office-organization.html

source: http://www.hgtv.com/design/rooms/other-rooms/chic-organized-home-office-for-under-100-videos

I am actually planning on painting the walls but I am still contemplating if its gonna be white or light blue. I will post an update soon.


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