#ProductReview: JERGENS Lotion

When it comes to taking care of my skin, I always look up to my mom. She is the most vain granny you'll ever know, hahah. Her skin and face doesn't look her age because her skin has been properly taken care of eversince she was teenager. She started early on proper skin care routine and stick to it to maintain a naturally healthy and young looking skin.  I always wish my skin is like hers, if only I listened to her and as patient as her to maintain proper skin care routine, sigh.  No, she has never been to any facial center or spa because she really don't like the idea of spending that much when the costs can already buy the skin care products she has been using for years.

Here comes the revelation part, one of her skin care staples that she has been using for decades is Jergens lotion. I don't know how long this lotion has been existing but it has been her all time favorite and hardly tries other brand. The smell of Jergens lotion has been her signature scent eversince we were young. It  really makes me remember my mom everytime I see and smell this lotion.

I really don't know why but I haven't tried this lotion yet. When I saw Sample Room was giving out Jergens lotion to try for members, I immediately grab three bottles all in full sizes. I thought to give this to my mom but since my mom was on a vacation to my sissy's house, I was urged to use one bottle because I ran out of my current lotion.

I love the scent of each variant. Very moisturizing and glides on smoothly on my skin. I like that it is not that sticky compared to my current whitening lotion. When I have consumed one bottle of Jergens lotion, I have realized why my mom is hooked to this lotion for decades. My skin feels softer and silky smooth. It is easily absorbed by skin and the mild scent stays for hours. My skin looks healthier especially outdoors. The moisture stays all day and your skin feels hydrated. I really love the result on my skin. I am glad I was able to try Jergens. It's gonna be one of my all time fave lotion from now on, that's for sure. It is a must-try skincare product. Great results at a very affordable price, 50 ml P42.00 / 100ml P79.00.

Have you already tried Jergens lotion? Comment which variant you like best.

For more info about Jergens: JERGENS FACEBOOK PAGE

Disclosure: JERGENS has provided the author with the products reviewed above. The author received no compensation and all thoughts and opinions provided are strictly her own.


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