All children are special and what better way is there to show this than through personalized gifts. Whether you are buying a gift for a friend’s child, for a relative, or for your own child, a personalized gift shows and extra level of care and attention. Personalized gifts are more than just fun. They are special, and they are the types of gifts that people keep and treasure for a long time. So, if you are looking for a special gift for a special baby, here are some personalized baby gift ideas that will surely inspire you.

1. A personalized onesie
Onesies can be personalized in any imaginable way. You can print them with the baby’s name, with a picture, with an illustration or with sweet or funny message. They are a great way for a baby to show a little personality, before they have the chance to speak for themselves. Moreover, a creative custom onesie will be a great prop for some special pictures. 

2. A personalized children’s book
Baby books are a great way to inspire a child’s love of reading. However, a book needs to be really special to compete with modern toys and other techy entertainment options. So, to make sure that a baby will be drawn to a book, you could order a personalized children's book. These books usually feature a child’s picture and name, but some can also feature other personal details throughout the story. This is the type of gift that a child or their parents are likely to keep for many years, as a souvenir from the precious childhood years.

3. Custom games
If a baby is more attracted to modern gizmos than to educational toys, you could change this preference by investing in some custom educational games. The most popular custom games are matching games, which can be personalized with a child’s picture, name or other relevant elements. You can also order personalized board games, where the children and other family members can become the main game players, and the game’s story can also be personalized to feel more familiar and entertaining. You can also personalize a puzzle with a baby picture, but this gift is better suited for older children.

4. Artwork
It is unlikely for a baby or even an older child to appreciate any type of artwork, so this type of gift will appeal more to the parents than to the child. Nonetheless, a personalized artwork can be a great gift, as it can be used to decorate the baby’s room. The artwork can consist in a framed picture or a painting, a monogram wall decoration, or a wall decoration featuring a meaningful message. 

5. A custom growth chart
Many people are under the impression that growth charts are just a sweet way to keep track of how fast a child is growing. However, the truth is that these charts have an important medical purpose. They can be used to compare a child’s height and weight, against children of the same age. They can also be used to determine if a child is developing in a normal rhythm. But instead of a boring chart marked on a wall, parents can now use special charts, customized with their children’s name and creative decorations. 

6. Custom music
It is not every day that you can give someone the gift of music, but this is sometimes possible. If you do a little research online, you can find online shops where you can order custom baby music. The music comes on a CD and it is often accompanied by a personalized book. Not only is this gift very thoughtful, but it is also a great way to encourage the development of a child’s cognitive abilities. By listening to music with lyrics that contain their name, children are more likely to remember the lyrics, and find joy in memorizing poems and lyrics.