3 Common Children Birthday Party Mistakes to Avoid at all Costs

Birthday parties can be magical experiences for children when they go right but can easily turn to disaster when they go wrong. Here are 3 common children birthday party mistakes to avoid at all costs. We’ll both tell you what the mistakes are and why they are so bad in the first place.

I’ll Save Money If I Do It All Myself
There are parents who want to save money and go about it the wrong way. They drive themselves crazy trying to bake the cake, create party favors, plan activities, decorate and send invitations. When company arrives, they’re then run ragged as they try to serve food, provide entertainment and act as referee.

While you might be able to pull this off if you have a basic party with three friends (and their Moms helping), it is still exhausting. When you have a larger group, it is a massive amount of work and stress.

Save yourself the hassle and hire someone to bake the cake if you want something fancy. Feel free to ask for help. Plan simple entertainment like a clown show, or work with a company like Fun Crew USA to set up and manage inflatables or a rock wall for the kids. Now you can focus on coordinating the event and supervising children instead of trying to do it all.

Not Giving Everyone All the Information
The birthday party invitations need to include all of the information people need to attend. Whose birthday party is it? What is the full date and time? Give them information on start time and finish time, so that people don’t assume 2pm is the recommended arrival time but the gifts and cake are at 3pm. Give them the address for the location, not just “Chelsea’s house”. Give attire if it is important, such as making sure people know it is a swim party or costume party. Give people your contact information in case they want to ask about the gifts your child likes or for reporting food allergies. Be clear if siblings are or are not invited.

We Have to Invite Everyone!
A common mistake is assuming you have to invite everyone, whether everyone in a playgroup, day care class or neighborhood. One problem with this assumption is that you end up inviting 30 kids, some of whom aren’t friends with your child.

Another problem with this assumption is that you multiply the cost and complexity of the birthday party over simply inviting your child’s several closest friends. Instead, invite your child’s favorite friends. This can even make it more inclusive when you can say go ahead and let the best friends’ younger and older siblings come, something you can’t pull off if you’ve invited 20 classmates.

If you follow the few tips in this article, you’ll be able to give your child the party of their lifetime, minus the headache. Just remember to never bite off more than you can chew so you can enjoy the party while ensuring everyone else has fun, too.

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