Green smoothies are a great and healthy way to start the day, you get a huge punch of nutrition and from all the veg that’s inside plus it’s a much healthier breakfast than a sugary breakfast cereal.

I’ve been enjoying them for a while now so I wanted to share with you my method for making a green breakfast smoothie and the recipe I’ve been following.

Step 1. Choose Your Ingredients

To me, a good green smoothie has to have Kale in it. Kale is packed full of antioxidants and has lots of B vitamins which give you energy and leave you feeling awake and alive. So at least a cup of kale has to be involved.

Then a cucumber to give it some volume and a few sticks of celery never hurt anyone either. Plus you’ll want to sweeten it up a bit so adding in some apples and a squeeze of lemon juice is probably a good idea. So that leaves us with:

·         1 cup of kale
·         1 cucumber
·         4 celery stalks
·         2 apples
·         1 lemon

All ready to be whizzed up. Well almost ready…

Step 2. Prepare The Ingredients
You want to make sure everything's washed and all the bits you wouldn’t normally eat are removed. So trim the bottom off the celery, decore the apple and remove the pith and the seeds from the lemon.

Even better with the lemon juice, it separately and add the juice in after.

Step 3. Blend together
You’ll need a blender that’s powerful enough to break everything down, don’t forget kale can be quite tough when it’s raw, so getting a blender for green smoothies like one of these is a really good idea.

That way it doesn’t come out with whole chunks of vegetable still in it that you need to chew through.

Step 4. Enjoy!
That’s you ready to go! Have one of these in the morning and notice how good you feel through the day. And remember to get creative, if it’s a green fruit or vegetable, chances are it will taste good in a green smoothie!

Tips For Making A Green Smoothie Taste better

A creamy base like frozen banana or even natural yoghurt can add some much needed texture to a green smoothie. It can be a bit vegetably otherwise which can be nice but it takes some getting used to.
Otherwise add more fruit, kiwi and pear are both green fruits that can sit nicely in amongst a green smoothie (unsurprisingly) but kiwi in particular adds a really defined taste which can help cover up the leafy greens nicely.
Throw in some super foods for an extra kick, chia seeds can add some healthy fats so you’re getting some omega 3s alongside all the b vitamins that you’ll get from the leafy greens.