Spending time in a spa or a hot tub is a highly pleasant experience and something that all mothers can enjoy. If you have it in your home, then a hot tub is a very fortunate luxury that probably makes you the envy of the neighborhood.

Apart from being pleasant and relaxing to use, a hot tub is also an important way to improve your health and wellbeing. Here are eight reasons to soak in the bubbles of your own hot tub every day.

Improves Your Mental Health
Getting home and relaxing in a hot tub every day is an incredible way to take some “you” time. It gives you the opportunity to get away from the daily stresses like looking after your family and work. Relaxing in a spa reduces the number of stress hormones and allows you to recover mentally and physically.

A good physical and mental health is crucial in strengthening the immune system and reducing the risk of contracting diseases.

Lowers Blood Pressure
Sitting in a hot tub can help lower your blood pressure, especially when you’re at risk of suffering from heart disease or hypertension. This is because hot water can increase your heart rate while simultaneously lowering your blood pressure. And if you suffer from any cardiovascular disease, please consult your doctor for more information.

Improves Muscle Health
The warmth from the spa with the massage from the bubbles can help your muscles to relax just like an ordinary massage. As such, sitting in a hot tub is a remarkable way to relax after exercising to boost muscle recovery. This can also help you to avoid pulled muscles and prevents you from other injuries.

For Better Sleep
According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 30% of US adults get less amount of sleep than recommended. Lack of sleep has been linked to conditions and diseases like depression, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Insufficient sleep can also make you less productive.

Using your hot tub regularly can help you get to sleep. According to a study published in the National Institutes of Health, shows that soaking in hot water before bedtime can help patients suffering from insomnia to get deeper, restful and continuous sleep.

Reducing stress and anxiety can help you fall asleep, and soaking for a while relaxes your nerves and muscles. So if you have difficulty sleeping, spend time in your tub before going to bed.

Helps In Weight Loss
About 50% of first-time mothers in the US gain a lot of weight during pregnancy and nearly the same number are overweight at the start. The short-term effects of too much weight are overweight babies, high chances of surgical delivery, and birth complications. Over the long haul, these babies have a higher risk of developing hypertension, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes. 

Relaxing in a hot tub might be incomparable to working out, but you can burn extra calories instead of just sitting on your sofa. The warmth from the hot tub helps the body to increase energy consumption and also burns more calories to cool down. This can help improve weight loss.

Reduces Headaches
Relaxing in a hot tub can also reduce headaches. Because of warmth, your blood vessels dilate, and this reduces the pressure in your head, and consequently reduces headaches. So if you suffer from frequent headaches, it may be a good idea to sit in your spa and relax as you heal.

Cleans The Body
The skin gathers toxins and excess oil every day, and sitting in a hot tub can help you to perspire, which in turn helps the skin to remove toxins. This improves your skin tone and appearance.

Additionally, the increased production of oils as more is removed from the skin can help improve the glossiness of your hair. The combined benefits can help keep you looking youthful and rejuvenated.

Boost Your Confidence And Self Esteem
When you feel great, you have amazing thoughts. And since a hot tub can do all these incredible things for you, the mental benefits are visible. When you get into your tub feeling bad, the bath will make you feel better. As a result, you will also feel good about yourself and that boosts your confidence. And a confident mother is a more prepared individual ready to conquer the world for her family.

A hot tub offers more than just relaxation. It can improve your health, make you feel good and offers a place to connect with your family. What do you think? Share your thoughts and experiences on the comment section below.