Health: Slowly Eliminating Fatty Foods


Hypercholesterolemia can also be hereditary. In my hubby's case, it runs on their family. You might think I am freaking out, oh no. I know there is a high possibility that it may pass on him. However, it's just that I also wanna take charge and shift my family's health to healthy.

Health Conscious me?? Some of my friends might laugh at me because they know me as the lady who never controls whatever I take. Whatever is on the slate, doesn't matter if its healthy or not as long as it's clean, I could definitely manage to consume it. It's just lately when I became particular with the amount of calories, cholesterol and fats we take. I have noticed, we were not careful with what we eat.

Consistently taking foods with high cholesterol can increase the risk of stroke and heart disease. All we need is become responsible with our health and even our loved ones health. As a mom, I have learned to monitor the foods they eat and put limitations. I don't want other people think of me being super over acting, I just care for my family's health and I see that's normal. I am not against eating foods with cholesterol, because I personally love most of them!!! It's just that I leaned to put it on moderation. Too much of anything is never good.

I will give an example situation we always have most of the days like if I served a sunny side up egg on their plate for breakfast, I skip giving them buttered bread. That is one great way on how I could control the amount of cholesterol they could consume for the entire day. They could still eat cheeseburgers and fries but always in moderation.

Vegetables and fruits are are now a staple. I skipped on buying too much meat, instead I insisted to just go for fish and chicken breast. We actually did it little by little and I tried not to be pushy when offering my kids foods. I always sort to different healthy foods as alternative to what they don't eat when at times they are a bit picky. I am lucky that my kids were not choosy at this time and they can right away go with the flow of food changes conducted.

What's a big challenge is when we attend parties and events and we just have to adjust to what's prepared. And looking at those foods, oh my it really wanna make me forget the fats and the diet. Haha, but we always have a solution for that. It is always important to also take a supplement everyday. I am happy that an early age, my kids get to understand the importance of caring to their health so even I am not around, they have food discipline.

It might not today but I am pretty sure that my family would thank me for being so called health conscious mom.

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