Starting a career at home where you need to provide your own resources and look for a job all over the internet that you could do on a flexible time is never easy. That is why once we got a client, we do everything to fulfill the job with a lot of effort and dedication for the hope that they will hire us again for another project or extend our contracts.

I would like to share this for readers who needs feedback from this company. I bumped into this website, I am not sure if I should mention but I'd rather not. This website's author/blogger tells about how young Filipinos, most specifically students, create their own money by working at home as a translator. According to the post,  Freelancer students earn $150 - $250 a day just by joining a company called RealTranslator Jobs. Apparently, you don't even have to speak perfect English to be qualified. They massively hiring Filipinos to fill the demand of translators. Hmm. very cheesy post. I was looking for a part time freelancer job but I have to pass on this company since the promise is plainly too good to be true.

I was surprised when a friend of mine opened up a topic that she applied in Real Translator Jobs. Before she was given a break in Odesk, just like me, she have gone a lot of disappointment on her venture in looking for a homebaased job. And as she was ranting so much, she never thought she could be fooled. She told me that upon applying to RealTranslator Jobs, they will get your email address and they will ask you for a fee which I will not divulge here how much, then ask you to wait for the job offers. Personally, that's so simple strategy to trick people but unfortunately a lot has been tricked. She said after she paid the fee she waited for three months still there were no single job from them. After more than a bunch of emails sent, she never heard a single response. So there goes the old line, money flies. After they take your money, you will never hear from them ever again. 

A lesson learned, don't be fooled by a promise of big income in an instant. Try to look for freelancing jobs where there is no need to pay for anything. I can't see the point why you need to pay when you provide your own resources like laptop, internet connection and office. Make a better judgement on a job you are applying for and avoid these kind of earn online SCAM. Don't get deceived and be SMART.

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